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Speed Bump For Sale


    When considering whether to install speed humps in your property, you should first consider whether you want permanent or removable speed humps. While permanent speed humps are great for construction projects, temporary ones can be easily removed in the event of a worksite move or development area relocation. Removable speed bumps are also a great option for temporary speed humps or one-off events. For more information on speed humps, see the following article.

    Temporary speed humps

    Temporary speed humps for sale are an excellent way to slow traffic in high-risk zones. Unlike permanent speed humps, these calming devices are portable, easy to install, and can be staggered across lanes. They are ideal for off-road situations where traffic volume is comparatively low, but a major obstruction is present. Temporary speed humps are usually made of rubber or plastic, and are intended to be fixed with bolts.

    These temporary speed humps are also available in high-visibility designs. Usually, they have alternate black and yellow sections. More advanced safety models can also be fitted with reflective studs. They are ideal for areas where driving standards are above the standard speed limit, since the humps are designed to slow traffic to 5-10mph. Moreover, they can be easily removed and reinstalled if the need arises for a resurfacing of the road or snow plowing.

    Temporary speed humps for sale have other advantages. They are inexpensive and easy to install. In contrast, permanent speed bumps are expensive and require a skilled worker with heavy machinery and a thorough knowledge of legal requirements. Temporary speed humps are generally made of plastic or rubber, with some even being made of recycled materials. There are several types of temporary speed humps for sale, so you should choose the best one according to the needs of your community.

    Rubber speed humps

    If you have a busy road and need to slow down traffic, consider purchasing a Rubber speed bump for sale. They are cost-effective and durable. You can get them at low prices from Chinese manufacturers. They come in different styles and designs, including 360-degree transitions. You can also install them in sections to fit your road. You can buy them in black or yellow, depending on your needs and budget. Once installed, they'll significantly slow down traffic, helping to make the area safer for pedestrians and drivers alike.

    Speed bumps are perfect for various locations, from parking lots to guarded gate entrances. They can be easily installed and removed, and don't leach any chemicals. They're durable enough to withstand constant sunlight and chemicals. They also come with concrete hardware kits. They're inexpensive and effective, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that your community is safe. There are many types of speed bumps available for sale, so make sure to find the right one for your specific needs.

    Speed bumps can be durable and last for years. They will slow down traffic by five to fifteen mph, depending on their height. They're easy to install, and you can even remove them for snow removal. If you're looking for a bump that's a bit more flexible, there are some deluxe ones for sale. These are taller than standard bumps, so they bring traffic to a sudden stop.

    Speed cushions

    If you need to install speed calming devices for your local roads, you can find the right products at Traffic-shop. These products are designed to slow down traffic in many different places. Among them are car parks, public roads, and industrial sites. Besides, they can be easily removed for testing purposes. Because they are removable, you can also reinstall them anywhere you want, whether you want them on a public road or in a car park. You can also choose the appropriate marking options for them, like arrows, numbers, or letters.

    There are several types of speed cushions, including those made of recycled rubber. These are more expensive and are designed with emergency vehicle paths in mind. These speed cushions are usually six-feet wide, the minimum track width for emergency vehicles. They are designed to help commercial trucks, buses, and first responders pass by safely, while reducing the speed of traffic to fifteen to twenty miles per hour. For those looking for a more eco-friendly option, recycled rubber speed humps can be purchased in single 19.5-foot-wide sections. Depending on the vehicle's design and size, these speed cushions can also benefit cyclists and those with disabilities.

    While speed humps are an excellent solution for calmed roads, speed cushions are a good way to slow traffic in a city. These speed cushions are shaped like speed humps, but have wheels cut outs that allow emergency vehicles and other vehicles to pass without causing a major inconvenience. A good speed cushion will also help to promote drainage, slow traffic, and slow down emergency vehicles. So, it's worth the cost to slow down traffic in a specific area.