The gravy is simply made up

  • Khubani ka MeethaThis famous Hyderabadi dessert will seriously give you a foodgasm. Everyone will be asking for more!“Dishes like Crispy Dahi Cheese Rolls, Cooker Da Kukkad and Khubani ka Meetha are real showstoppers,” says Chef Jaheer Khan from Gaylord, Mumbai.Ingredients:1 kg Dry apricots (khubani)250 gm Sugar cup Fresh malai1 tbsp Green cardamom powder50 gm KalakandAlmond for garnishPistachio for garnishMethodSoak the apricots in three 1 liter of water overnight. A dish that brings back old memories makes it easy for you to mingle and mix with your crowd instead of being formal.Remove from heat and cool slightly.Add the remaining ginger garlic paste and stir well.

    Light on palate, this chicken curry will make your day. Sauté till onions are golden brown. However, when it comes to taste, it is filled with too many flavour compared to your regular spring rolls.“The main star of the dish is apricot.Serve hot with sweet chilli sauce Recipe: Cooker Da Kukkad.This dish will remind you of your grandmother’s cooking. Ginger paste2 tbsp Garlic paste tsp Turmeric powder2 tsp Coriander powder1 tsp Cumin powder1 cup Fresh tomato puree 1 cup4 Green chillies3 tbsp Fresh coriander leaves chopped tsp Garam masalaSalt to tasteMethodRub the Chicken legs with 1tsp chilli powder, 1 tbsp ginger paste, 1 tbsp garlic paste and keep it aside. Remove the seeds.In order to make your dinner affair a memorable experience we bring you a three-course meal recipe. Seal the edges properly.

    Place thin slice paneer sheet on the worktop and dampen the edges.From easy crowd-pleasers to more elegant fare, try our gourmet dinner party recipes to impress family and friends. Try it out with hot parathas or steamed rice,” says Chef Jaheer Khan. Keeping aside some apricots, puree the rest.Heat 4 tbsp oil in a pressure cooker, toss whole garam masala and onions. Simmer the puree with the reserved whole apricots.Drain on absorbent paper.Take corn flour in bowl add one cup water and mix, add each roll in corn flour and take out then you coated with panko bread crumbs.Ingredients:50 gms Paneer grated8 Sheets thin slice paneer sheet2-3 Chopped green Chillies1 tbsp Ginger chopped tsp Green Cardamom powder1 tsp White pepper powder50 gms Cheddar cheese grated1 tbsp Yellow capsicum chopped1 tbsp Red capsicum chopped1 tbsp Green capsicum chopped2 tbsp Fresh coriander root chopped2 tbsp Corn flour 3 tbsp Panko bread crumbsSunflower oil for deep fryingSalt to tasteSweet chilli sauceMethodMix cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, green chillies, ginger, red capsicum, yellow capsicum, green capsicum cardamom powder, white pepper powder, salt and coriander root together in a bowl.Finally add 2 cups of chicken stock or water and cover the cooker with the lid and whistle.

    From easy crowd-pleasers to more elegant fare, try our gourmet dinner party recipes to impress family and friends.Boil the apricots using the same water in which they were soaked.Serve cold with the garnished mash kalakand, malai and almond pistachio. Garnish with fresh coriander and dish in a deep serving bowl.Next time you plan on hosting a dinner party or a brunch always remember that simple, tasty recipe can either be whipped up in a jiffy or can make your day.Cook on medium heat for 10 mintues or 3 whistles. The dessert is made up of apricot puree and is topped up with roasted almond and apricot kernel,” says Anthony Pereira, Restaurant manager, Gaylord’s Mumbai. Not we aren’t lying try it your serve and your guests are bound to come back for more.Place a portion of stuffing on one side of the sheet and roll the sheet tightly.Recipe: Crispy Dahi Cheese Rolls Creamy, cheesy & yummy!! nonwoven leather base fabric Cottage Cheese.Served on glass spoons, these rolls belong from the spring roll family.Ingredients:1 kg Chicken leg cut into 2 pieces on the bone100 gm Chicken mince (keema) cup Sunflower cooking oilWhole garam masala3 medium Onions chopped2 tsp Red chilli powder1 tbsp.Keep in refrigerator 30 minutesHeat sufficient oil in a kadai and deep-fry the rolls on medium heat till golden brown.“The gravy is simply made up of onion and tomato with hint of ground spices that adds the kick to the dish.All the recipes above are contributed by Gaylord Restaurant, Mumbai.Parties featuring delicious homely food make for a relaxed atmosphere and allow people to indulge in a great food experience. Homely dishes are full of yummy goodness and can easily satisfy every palate.Next add the chicken legs stir vigorously and add the chopped green chillies, turmeric , chilli and coriander powder and the chicken mince and cook for a few minutes before adding the tomato puree. Add the Sugar, cardamom powder after 20 minutes and mix well till well blended.