The investing agency has claimed

  • Though some of the forensic test reports are still awaited and will be submitted before the court as supplementary charge sheet once reports are received. The SMSes said, “We are still having a drink.According to the charge sheet, relations between Sheena and Indrani soured after the former fell in love with Rahul Mukerjea, who was actually her stepbrother. I did not have the heart to say this to you, I met someone else.The CBI has claimed that at a time when Indrani was very angry with Sheena, Sheena’s step-sister Vidhie got a hint that Indrani could harm Sheena and to warn Sheena, she sent her an SMS saying, “Umm Sheena this should stay between us two only you and Rahul should be careful because Mama is getting ‘worried’ about you two so I am just warning you guys anything might come across please don’t say anything because I will actually be dead if not dead, Mama will do something so bad trust me I really need your consent to this Mama says she does not want to break up the relationship she wants to get someone out of the way and I’ve just heard something exotic.

    ”According to CBI, while Indrani was pursuing her studies in Shillong, she met Siddharth Das, and Sheena and Mikhail were born out of this relationship. She also told her children nobody should learn they were her own children as it would affect her business and her reputation..” The last message said, “Babu, I know this will break your heart but I wish to discontinue our relationship.BI has claimed that Indrani, Sanjeev and Shaymvar executed the murder plan in April 2012. I will get back in the morning. Sorry with him. Evidence collected by CBI includes SMSes and emails sent to or by Sheena.After this, Indrani started planning to eliminate Sheena and she also convinced her former husband Sanjeev that if Sheena was eliminated, their daughter Vidhie would be able to get a share in Peter’s property.

    In fact, I have left with him. The investing agency has claimed the mobile phone location of the accused shows they were present at the spot at the time of the incident. Since Indrani’s parents had adopted Sheena, she introduced her to everyone, including Peter, as her sister. Despite Indrani’s disapproval and explaining to Rahul that Sheena was her daughter, they continued their relationship and got engaged in 2011 after getting Rahul’s mother’s consent. Please reply back xxxx. You go home. To hide the fact that Sheena was no more, Indrani sent some SMSes to Rahul from Sheena’s mobile phone and also created an email account on Sheena’s name and sent mails to known people including Rahul, Vidhie and Mikhail to give an impression that she was alive.

    There are around 150 witnesses and 200 forensic documents mentioned in the charge sheet.” The next message said, “I am enjoying myself.The CBI on Friday handed over copies of the charge sheet, running into approximately 4,000 pages, to Indrani Mukerjea, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shaymvar Pinturam Rai. Love. I would really like to spend the night and have some quality time. Would you mind if I stay back with Indy. Later, Indrani got married to Peter Mukerjea and brought her children Sheena and Mikhail to Mumbai because Indrani’s parents, who had adopted these children, Disposable Dry Wipes Manufacturers were facing financial crisis and needed her help for their education.Rahul met Sheena in Mumbai and they both fell in love with each other but Indrani was against their relationship.”After the murder when Rahul was trying to call on Sheena’s mobile phone, Indrani replied through SMSes, posing as Sheena. According to prosecution, the fear of Sheena Bora inheriting her entire property and that of her husband led to her murder. The CBI has claimed that before getting married with Peter, Indrani had married Sanjeev Khanna and out of this wedlock, they had a daughter called Vidhie.