The mechanical action of chewing helps

  • These foods require very less amount of chewing and for that reason the muscle tone of the jaws is lost and they tend to sag leaving a weaker jaw line. The tongue is nature’s palate expander and the muscle guides the face to develop forward.Dentist Dr Jwala Chaitanya said, “The facial muscles derive their shape, form and function from the jaw bones and the teething pattern.SCULPTING OF THE FACEThe upper and lower teeth come in contact with each other during eating, chewing and other normal functions.Dr V.Poor occlusion relation or incomplete occlusion leads to malfunction of the chewing process leading to poor teeth and jaw lines. While many brush for two minutes everyday in the morning and night, brushing is not followed by 80 per cent of the people, chewing comes as a natural cleaner for these people.-Dr Jwala Chaitanya Proper chewing is importantChewing is a very important activity and it must be followed properly not only by children but also elders.”-Dr Prasad.While a lot of young children are suffering from this, experts state that it is the heavy dependency on refined foods, noodles, cakes and processed foods which is the reason for this phenomenon.

    VenkateshRoles played by tongue and teethThe need for a strong and good jaw line is because it ensures that the face muscles are aesthetic and at the same time there is wider and expanded growth in the facial region.”Changes in lifestyle, food habits and also genetic factors can be attributed to the problem of a weak jawline. Dr Prasad M.”-Dr V.To ensure that the jaw line is properly developed both teeth and tongue play a major role. If there is a wider palate the tongue can rest in the roof of the mouth and guide the growth. In order for the tongue to do this it is very important that there is proper growth of teeth which happens only when there is proper chewing. Chewing also results in crushing of the food into small pieces enabling the digestive enzymes to work on them in a proper manner. This activity is described as occlusion, which changes with the change in position of the lower jaw and upper jaw. But if the area inside the mouth is narrow then the tongue posture is not maintained and the jaws tend to under develop.Dr Chaitanya added, “Earlier fresh fruits were eaten but now there has been a major Custom auto interior decoration nonwoven fabric switch to fruit juices which is not giving chance for the teeth to carry out its normal function of chewing.

    Venkatesh, head of the department for oral and maxillofacial surgery at Apollo Hospitals said, “The mechanical action of chewing helps to clean the teeth as there is increased secretion of saliva.”Genetic factors contribute to only two per cent of the cases where it is found that there is a mismatch like the jaw size is of one parent and teeth size is of another parent. At the same time, jaw line defines the facial muscles and plays a strong role in making it strong. This deformity or disturbance directly converts into loss of esthetics, improper speech, improper chewing, poor functioning, loss of confidence in young individuals, depression and also psychological issues. For a good jaw line proper occlusion is essential. Less muscle activity also reduces ability of the jaws to grow completely resulting into crowding of teeth. The face grows forward and does not sag at the end, which is now being seen in a lot of younger people. Any disturbance in the above can lead to malformed, defective or weak jaw and facial muscles. Chewing increases the secretion of saliva, which is essential for digestion of food.Chewing facilitates cleaning of the teeth better as the food is properly ground by the teeth and then pushed by the saliva into the mouth cavity. At the same time, 75 per cent of the young are opting for removal of wisdom tooth as there is no place for the teeth to grow due to overcrowding.Weak jaws are a direct result of children not chewing their food properlyWeak jaw lines, crowded or mal-aligned teeth are some of the reasons for weak jaw muscles, sagging jaw line and also open mouth posture and teeth grinding., chief dental surgeon and implantologist at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Hospitals said, “Proper tongue position and swallowing pattern play an important role in the growth and shaping of the face.