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BTS K-Dramas, Anime, And Movies Jungkook Recommended

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    Over the years, BTS members have shared a number of their favorite movies, K-Dramas, anime, and more, along with what they are currently watching. Here are 10 of Jungkook 's picks !

    1. Twenty-Five Twenty-One
    In an Instagram story, Jungkook shared a clip of himself watching scenes from Twenty Five Twenty One 2022 K-Drama on Netflix .

    Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a thriller play that follows an ambitious 18-year-old fencer and a 22-year-old man who needs a second chance. At the age of 25 and 21, they fell in love.

    2. Good Spirit
    In quarantine, Jungkook shared an Instagram story captioned, “drinking alone.” The video clips on it are from Netflix Paik Spirit, a show featuring celebrity guests, delicious food, and drinks.

    Hosted by Chef Baek Jong Won who was a guest on Run BTS!, this show is on par with comfort food. This is the perfect show to watch while relaxing at home.

    3. Excited
    As a child, Jungkook dreamed of becoming the shape-shifting dragon Haku from the fantasy anime film Deep Spirit.

    The spirit goes after Chihiro , an adventurous little girl who finds herself in a magical bath for spirits after her parents were turned into pigs. Haku is a double agent who serves the evil bath housewife while secretly helping Chihiro.

    4. Free!
    If you like sports and anime, this show might be for you. Free! follows high school student Haruka Nanase , a gifted swimmer, and members of her school's swimming team as they train for a competition and face off against rival swimmers.

    5. The Girl Who Jumped Through Time
    Jungkook and V both recommended this modern classic about a high school girl who stumbles upon a mysterious object that allows her to jump back in time again and again.

    Our heroes learn that changing the past comes with consequences, for the better… and for the worse. Get your tissues ready!

    6. Parasite
    Jungkook and Jin both recommend parasites but unlike other anime on this list, parasites are not for the faint of heart! This horror anime follows 17-year-old Shinichi Izumi , who lives a quiet life until aliens decide to drop by and sneak into human nostrils. Shinichi wasn't deprived of his brain, but the aliens literally dug into his arm ( sob), giving him the power to fight alien invaders without losing control of his mind.

    7. I Give You My First Love
    I Give You My First Love is a 2009 Japanese film based on the manga. This bittersweet love story follows Takuma Kakinouchi a boy who is expected to die before he turns twenty, and his childhood friend Mayu Taneda who falls in love with him.

    8. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
    If you're the kind of person who wants to see a beautiful friendship story, you might want to skip this one…or not? Anohana follows a group of friends who split up after their friend Meiko “Menma” Honma dies. Five years later, they are united when the ghost of Menma suddenly appears. Only one of Menma's friends, Jinta Yadomi can see him.

    9. Love 911
    During his rookie days, Jungkook talked about the relationship between the main characters in Love 911 saying that he wanted to experience love like them.

    10. Your Name
    While guesting on variety shows, Jungkook mentioned Your Name (also known as Kimi No Na Wa ). In this 2016 anime film, two teenagers who have never met before suddenly start swapping bodies with each other. Through notes, they develop a strong bond and try to meet.

    At one point, the teenagers could not see each other, despite standing face to face, but when the bell rang, they could feel each other presence.




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