6 Mistakes Most People Make in Helping a Drug Addict

  • Families and friends of drug-addicted persons have every interest in helping those addicts overcome their drug or alcohol problems. We have the best Addiction Treatment Centre in Gurgaon. The 6 mistakes are as follows:

    1. Making their lives bearable - The life of a drug-addicted person is miserable. Trying to make it less miserable only makes addiction more endurable to the addicted person and they Adiction Treatment Centre in New Delhi will not be as motivated to change. They must become an adult and move away from the crutches of addiction and be cared for.

    2. Constantly bailing them out - I am trying to avoid the word "enabler" here because it is used so often that it begins to accumulate more and more definitions Alcoholrehabilitation centre in Delhi NCR  and becomes meaningless. The truth is that a drug addict or alcoholic will take the path of least resistance, if using drugs is the easiest way to exist, they will follow that path. Quitting seems a tough way to go for them, giving up the life they are addicted to or having to finally face the pain of withdrawal is something they have been resisting for a long time. Why change? If you are protecting them from the true damages of their choices, even if you are only softening the blow, the path of least resistance leads them to stay with the drugs.

    3. Forgetting who this person is - Underneath all the lies and drugs and whatnot is the person you know and love. They have not left entirely, even though the longer the addiction continues, the deeper they are buried. We have seen many, many sons and daughters and spouses come back, almost magically after the constant hiding and excuses are over. They are still there, we just need to help them regain control of their lives. They will re-emerge.

    4. Not being ready when the time comes to get them into treatment - Finding the correct treatment center for them can take a while. Do your homework and be ready to assist them to reach real treatment when they are ready for it. Coming up enough in awareness to see that they need help may happen in a fleeting moment and then be gone again. They may not ask for help twice, so make your calls and find which treatment center you think is best, have it worked out how to get the addict into the center and this way be prepared.

    5. Expecting logical thinking - A drug addict is not running on the same thought processes as a straight person. They tend to react, rather than think. Their actions and justifications for their drug use are most often just knee-jerk, practiced answers to the standard questions and objections they are getting from friends and loved ones regarding their risky behavior.They are not thinking, they are simply reacting, so do not expect changes in habits or destructive tendencies because of a Heart-to-Heart talk.

    6. Waiting for the addict to hit bottom - I do not know where it first started, but there is an old saying, "The addict has to hit bottom before he will accept help." This is a downright dangerous way to proceed. The bottom is too often a psych ward or the graveyard. Most addicts indeed underestimate the dangers of what they are doing. It is also true that they will hide problems to keep using drugs. But waiting to see them hit the proverbial "bottom" is taking a deadly chance. Get them into treatment now.So, in conclusion, leave the actual rehabilitation function to the pros, but you can go a long way in helping that drug addict arrive into the hands of the pros by avoiding the above 6 mistakes. You can contact us through our website to get the best treatment for drug addiction in New Delhi.