Addiction and Recovery

  • Addiction to anything can never be good. Whether it's an addiction to drugs, alcohol, nicotine, problem gambling, crime, money, or something as seemingly harmless as obsessive overeating, addiction always takes its toll on one's health, be it mental, physical or emotional.

    A progressive disease that almost makes it difficult for an abuser to quit, recovery from addiction is not impossible, provided the abuser is treated with a great amount of care. best drug rehabilitation centres in Delhi  Take for instance an addiction to drugs or alcohol; though it might take months to recover - it certainly can be achieved through counseling that focuses on understanding the addict's history. Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon  During the periods of recovery, the abuser will have to be counseled and motivated to cope with stress and anger, encouraged to rejuvenate relationships, and trained to manage routine life. Moreover for sustained recovery from addiction and to prevent a relapse, it is also necessary that the abuser is constantly monitored and offered unrelenting support at all times. Awakening rehab is one of the best drug rehabilitation centres in New Delhi.

    However, one of the most daunting phases while recovering from an addiction is in the beginning when the addict has to stop consuming the substance. There will be a lot of withdrawal symptoms in the early stages, from emotional, and mental to physical; the cravings, in the beginning, make it the most difficult phase to overcome. The individual is bound to crave the substance because of the long period of dependency. There could also be periods of relapses causing anxiety, thoughts of the past, refusal to seek help, frequently hanging out with old friends, and also mentally planning to relapse into old habits. It is at this time that the individual must accept the emotional turbulences and take the journey to recovery seriously. Nevertheless, it might seem difficult for the person to overcome the addiction, as the abuser could have become completely dependent on the addictive substance.

    For instance, an alcoholic's withdrawal symptoms usually occur after the individual has abruptly put an end to the use of alcohol. Not all individuals experience withdrawal symptoms; it is usually seen in addicts who have been drinking a lot for quite a long period. However when a person has decided to quit an addiction, say for alcohol, then irrespective of their volume of consumption, be it heavy or moderate they should consult a medical professional for appropriate measures to kick their habit. This would be necessary since it is common for an addict to experience withdrawal, mild psychosomatic and physical symptoms such as nervousness, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, nausea, insomnia, loss of appetite, and headache when they first decide to stop doing something that had been a part of their everyday life.

    There are a lot of treatments and programs for addiction recovery that are offered to individuals who genuinely want to get rid of an addictive substance. There are also a lot of rehab centers that have residential facilities, hospitals, and therapeutic communities offering education, medical supervision, and also 24-hour support. Checking in to any such center could also ease the addiction recovery process. But the most important phase in the addiction recovery process is the moment in time when an abuser accepts the need to seek help. Once this happens, it shouldn't be very difficult to practice abstinence, since it is always self-realization and steadfast determination that can get an addict on the path to a brand new beginning. You can reach out to us through our website, we have one of the best rehabs in Gurgaon.