The Risk of Strokes in an Addict

  • Many people across the world have a misunderstanding that strokes can only affect older people with underlying health conditions, but theRehabilitation Centre in New Delhi stated that in every 5 minutes someone in India suffers a stroke. The Addiction Treatment Centre in New Delhiexplains stroke as the working of a heart attack with having a brain attack at the very same time which thus soon cuts off the blood supply to the brain where the brain tissues having oxygen starts with a serious lack which ultimately leads towards brain damage. There are many things which have caused strokes and then there are many types of strokes which occur depending upon the area it is affected on.


    The Addiction Treatment Centre in New Delhi, states that drugs and alcohol are one of the main reasons to get a stroke and is one of the most known reasons to be associated with getting a stroke in the younger generations. There are different types of drugs which can cause different types of strokes in one way or the other where at times your blood vessels can get affected going up to the brain, whereas on the other hand the organs inside the body could get affects or in serious cases the attack of heart or liver damage can also be another situation. Therefore, there are mainly 3 types of stroke, they are as follows:


    • The Ischaemic stroke is one of the most common types of stroke which is mainly caused by the disruption of blood streams and supplies going up to the brain.
    • The Transient Ischaemic Attack which is mostly similar to an Ischaemic stroke and is often caused because of the brain’s blood supply where the symptoms from this types of stroke only suffers for a short span of time because the interruption of the blood supply is only present.
    • The Haemorrhagic stroke which is a type where there is a leakage in the bloodstream going into the brain which surrounds around the tissues of the brain causing a serious killing of cells and swelling inside the brain which is known to be one of the most dangerous and also the long-lasting type of stroke which can also make the body very fatal in nature.


    Thus, alcohol, cocaine and heroin are some of the main substances which are linked with having a stroke. While one may not be much concerned about their substance abuse intake they indeed can at times contribute towards the activity of causing an intense heart attack or even a stroke being a major contributor towards the cause of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes which all contribute towards leading to a heart attack or a major stroke.


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