Can Alcohol Cause Sleep Paralysis?

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    While the human body falls asleep or even wakes up, the brain immediately sends signals to relax muscles in the side of your legs and arms as well, where some time the muscles of our body remain in a phase of catatonia, where one can only have their eyes open with rapid eye movement on the run, which mainly is known as sleep paralysis, where to regain awareness where one cannot move is extremely frightening. The Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi and the Addiction Treatment Centre in New Delhi mainly states that this phase can also be opted due to irregular sleep patterns and the consumption of alcohol can also be considered at times, as after the consumption of alcohol, the human body goes into a complete relaxed or lethal stage, where the body movements of one can be extremely slow with absolutely drowsiness feeling inside one’s mind. Therefore, under such circumstances, many-a-times it has been recorded that people go under the impression or situation of either sleepwalking or sleep paralysis.


    During an episode of sleep paralysis, one does not have the complete capability to either speak or move a bit, however the eyes and breathe of the individual will always be actively working, where one many-a-times also goes under the frightening dreams which also turns into the sights of hallucinations with making of horrid memories in sleep at times, which can just last for a minute or even for a second at times. People who have a tendency to isolate themselves under a lot of stress with the coming age or also have the tendency of sleep deprivation in the terms of changing their sleep routine everyday, may experience such instances. Also, if an individual is suffering from sleep paralysis oftenly, the inclusion of the symptoms is known to be narcolepsy, which is mainly a disorder where the human mind always remains unstable with sleep-wake boundaries to be on access at all times.


    As our eye movement sleep stage passes by when we are in sleep, the brain creates a situation where one think that they are dreaming indeed, however at the same time the brain also prevents the body muscles and the limbs of our body to stop moving and thus protect themselves from the action which is created out of the dream, which can also be dreadful at times creating a long lasting awareness inside the minds of the individuals. The Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi states that, Sleep paralysis happens as one regains the awareness that they are not able to move, where only they realise that their eyes are just working thoroughly, as night awakenings are mostly connected with sleep paralysis only for many individuals.


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