Should Zumba Sessions be Included in Rehab Therapy

  • Oftenly we hear people talking about grooving to the beats of flamenco and salsa where they also consider the steps of the dance to be a mere workout, which is why the introduction of Zumba is always mentioned amongst the most. Zumba is mainly a Latin-inspired dance workout which is also known to be one of the most popular dance exercises which can thus be done by mass groups across the globe. Zumba usually has high-energy to upbeat music where the choreography of the steps can be taken from the dance steps of the song which are also practised or done in a nightclub. It mainly started with a tag line of ‘Ditch the Workout and Join the Party’, which basically focuses on having an energetic time with a good rhythm bringing out all the positivity within one. Therefore, because of its activeness and energy, the dance activity was told to join the rehab centres as well, where patients can also catch up with the energy, activeness, releasing positivity at its best.


    The Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi and the Addiction Treatment Centre in New Delhi states that there are various types of Zumba classes such as Aqua Zumba to Zumba Toning sessions, which mainly incorporate the heavy weights which have the technique and exercise of additional calorie burning with a strong training in mind. These types of sessions can also be attended by teens and kids, to keep them active and healthy. The Addiction Treatment Centre in New Delhi states that if one is working for 60 minutes also, the activeness would burn around 369 calories which is considered to be more than the cardio ratio of aerobics steps and even kickboxing too. The zumba cardio workouts therefore melt out the fats, whereas also strengthens the core where the improvement of flexibility is also sheared out. It is thus stated that zumba is an interval workout, with the classes having an intensity to go from low end to high end dance moves as well, which are well designed and choreographed by the zumba instructor where the heart rate is pumped up with the endurance of boosting the cardio rate.


    Hence, following are the areas of targets which are affected by Zumba exercise. They are as follows:


    • The core area mainly focusing around the hips and the midsection of the body is where the strengthening structurization is done.
    • The traditional zumba exercises mainly affect the toning and strengthening of arms.
    • The jumping and lunges exercises with the movements help in the strengthening of legs which also helps the hamstrings and quads of the body.
    • Helps in removing the glutes of your body.
    • Strengthening your back muscles has the whole body moving actively while performing.


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