Defining the Stages of Relapse

  • When an addict goes through the difficult journey of the recovery process and then opts to come clean and sober towards the good side, it indeed feels good and secured to get a second chance to make a better life with better decisions. However, the decision which seems to be quite harsh, requires a sheer amount of focus and rigidity to stay aware and in control in order to stay out of the fear of entering into the phase of ‘Relapse’. Thus, after winning the battle fought within, one can thus feel devastated to feel lost forever. Therefore, the moment of relapse is also considered as the part of the treatment process, where priority the addicts are all aware of the struggle and consequences.


    The Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon, thus defines the process of relapse, as when an individual returns to use drugs and alcohol after completing a tenure of sobriety, the lapse moment is mainly a slip of event when they get drunk or high again, however, after a quick realisation they tend to immediately stop it. However, in some cases, the addict may again try a full blown return and can again slip into the field of taking drugs or consuming alcohol again. Several people recover daily from the business of addiction and also come face the high risk of relapse as such chronic substance thus can result in the structural and functional brain alterations which can go beyond the tenure of the sobriety period which was first attained by the individual.


    Rehabs in Gurgaon and Rehabs in New Delhi, mainly stated that there are two types of Relapse moment which is considered the most in the society. They are as follows:


    • Traditional Relapse: Traditional Relapse is when an addict makes a conscious decision being sober and responsible for his/her actions and then go ahead and consume drugs or drinks, in order to release stress or to just enjoy, under the thinking of having control over their consumption.
    • Freelapse: Freelapse on the other hand, is mainly a colloquial term which defines the moment of intaking a drink or drug by accident, as when the addict’s interest was not in place and unintentionally the moment is completed. This could also happen in any parties where the consumption of alcohol is present. In such circumstances, the triggering craving can come back, where the individual will lose themselves and can again go down towards the path of destruction, or the realisation will make them stop immediately.


    As the relapse process is very common amongst the addicts, there are various types of treatment programs separately created by the addicts who go through the process of facing the moment of relapse. Thus, if an addict has already completed their program, then they can reach out to their treatment providers or their therapist to get a sheer advice on the next step, or the best support system which are your closed ones and friends can also come on with the practical and mental health to indeed support and protect you during this phase.


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