I have a closet writer and director within me

  • Nakuul Mehta, Anya Singh, Karan Wahi and Sarah Jane Dias starrer Never Kiss Your Best Friend season 2 will premier on April 29 on Zee5.


    The handsome of the small screen Nakuul Mehta, who won our hearts with his act in Never Kiss Your Best Friend, is coming back as the young filmmaker Sumer Singh Dhillon for the second season of the show. The trailer of NKYBF 2 was recently released by the makers and it garnered love and praises from the audience.


    Ahead of the release of Never Kiss Your Best Friend season 2, Nakuul spoke about his young and dynamic character Sumer, on-screen and off-screen chemistry with Anya Singh and Sarah Jane Dias and many more in an exclusive conversation with Firstpost. Excerpts:


    Was it easy for you to get back into the character of Sumer after a long gap?


    To be honest, I was really looking forward to playing Sumer again in the second season, it's a show which I have deeply enjoyed. You know especially when you get to play characters that are much younger to you and then you're in your thirties you realize that it's so amazing to reclaim your early twenties and you know feel that same energy and as actors we get a chance to do it.


    So, when season two came back post-pandemic I was super excited But of course, there was a physical limitation that I was shooting a daily which is on television and also managing time for this. So the challenge between actually Bade Achhe (Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2) is a mature love story whereas Never Kiss (Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2) is a very young story of friendship and love. The challenge was that I was actually shooting ten days in Bombay, ten days in London, taking a flight back and then 10 days here, and playing to absolutely diverse characters with different sort of age brackets. So, physically and I think more than emotionally I think because emotionally I already had a feel of Sumer. So, physically it was hard because they are in different time zones there are playing different characters, that was challenging for having said that it's a role, which I enjoy so much that you know it give me that much-needed breather from you know doing a drama like Bade Achhe on television.


    How did you switch off and switch on characters since you were shooting for Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 and NKYBF 2 simultaneously?


    It's a very good question because you know I had no days off between November and January. I was shooting every day of my life between Bade Ache and Never Kiss and how I would switch is once I finished, say once I was ready to fly to London for Never Kiss ka pehle schedule, I decided to get into my clothes of Never Kiss when I took the flight I said I'm going to dress like the young Sumer would, I would wear the perfume he would wear, I would wear the locket which you see if you notice in the trailer is wearing throughout and I would just be that guy right. So, from my nine-hour flight to London by the time I reached there, it was a guy with different energy and I think that really helped me get in and out otherwise because you think television can get so exhausting that sometimes you forget you know the divide between real and reel gets a little hard but with Never Kiss I just consciously said, hey I'm going to be on the set, I'm going to lead and forget the energies of what I play Ram Kapoor of Bade Achhe and mature love story and I'm going to be this young kid and I think hanging out and acting with Anya really helps because she is that age group right. She is in her twenties and I am in my thirties, so her energy is infectious and she is younger and I let that sort of I let myself sort of absorb that really helps me switching on, switching off.


    Your chemistry with Sarah and Anya is simply amazing. Please tell me something about that


    So with Anya of course, it was. Anya and me are really good friends. Now after our first season, we kept in touch throughout the pandemic and she's someone I've really get along well with. With Sarah, she was someone I've never worked with, we were both new to each other's world but I think when you put two professional artists together who are confident of their craft and the script gives them ample opportunity. I think then the relationship just flows and with me and Sarah, I think it is a very unusual or unconventional casting in that sense. But I think because it was so unconventional and we are so different from each other when we started filming our first sequence we were like wow this is this doesn't feel like we've never worked together. And again with Sarah, I had a wonderful time she is very different from who I am. But she's someone who's very inspirational. I think her attitude towards life in general, her discipline with health, with yoga, with eating, is so aspirational that I would keep telling her, listen whatever you're ordering for yourself, order one for me because you order it, it'll be healthy if Anya orders it, it's going to be junk. So Sarah was like the sane voice on set, Anya was the voice of madness. So, I had like the best of both.


    What was your wife's reaction after watching the trailer?


    Oh, she loved it, she absolutely loved it. In fact, Jankee had made it to the last one week of the shooting of memories for the first season. But you know because now we have a very young child and pandemic was going on that's why she couldn't come. But she's also very attached to the entire team, I mean she knows everyone, Anya is her very close friend she is really looking forward. When she saw it, she said this looks like so much fun and iska third season toh banega he banega.


    Since you are playing a director in the show, did you observe any filmmaker for your character?


    I'll be honest yeah, you know it is my own imagination because I feel all of us at some point have had want to create things, wanting to make like I inside me have a closet writer and director. So, I just had to tap into that. I feel, I always think like a director and a writer. So, I had to think like that and about playing someone who's much younger to myself, I had to just go back a few years into my twenties and see what my energy was and how I felt about life, how life falls unburdened how life is without too many stresses. I kind of like the world. The time I spent in London, I literally lived like that. When you see me if you come to my sets of Bade Achhe, you'll see a very different Nakuul, if you ever meet me on sets of Never Kiss, it's a very different Nakuul. So, yeah I tap to like my own imagination and own sort of past experiences to play these characters.


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