Why Do Pregnant Women Need Maternity Underwear and Bra?

  • During pregnancy, a woman needs comfort above all. You know, when the baby bump is getting bigger every day and the pregnancy fatigue is setting in, comfort and relaxation is paramount. Also, once the baby is born, the initial few weeks are quite hectic for the mother. Hence, it makes sense for a woman to seek the best comfort while pregnant.

    Clothes play an important role in how comfortable we feel day in and day out. But even when you wear the best pregnancy clothes in the market, what you wear underneath these clothes also matters a lot.

    So, when you buy maternity wear to use during pregnancy, don’t skip the maternity bra and panties. Here are a list of reasons why maternity bra and panties are a must during pregnancy.

    • The Nursing Bras Give Unmatched Support to Your Breasts.

    Your breasts go through physical changes during pregnancy. The regular bra with underwires can feel very uncomfortable and tight. Nursing bras will give good support while also have enough room for your breasts to grow in size.




    • The Maternity Underwear is Not Tight Around The Bump.

    When your baby bump grows, your regular underwear does not fit around the bump. If you wear them such that the waistband is under the bump, it might cause the fabric to gather under the bump. Lovemere Maternity underwear are the best panties for pregnancy since their waistband is designed to be under the bump. You can still get a snug fit even when the waistband is not around the tummy.


    • Maternity Innerwear is Breathable and More Comfortable.

    The best maternity underwear and nursing bras are made from soft, breathable fabrics. So, there is no chafing, rashes, or straps and bands digging into your skin. This is great since you don’t want to feel uncomfortable during pregnancy.


    • You Can Continue Using Maternity Innerwear Beyond Pregnancy.

    After delivery, you can continue using the maternity innerwear. The nursing bras or the motherhood maternity bras are good for pregnancy as well as when you start breastfeeding. Similarly, the maternity panties, due to their design can be worn even after a C-section. The waistband lies below the incision so there is absolutely no discomfort.



    When you buy maternity wear, be careful to choose good quality maternity panties and bras, too. This way, you will have overall comfort and feel so much more relaxed during the pregnancy period.