Essential Hacks to Save Money While Studying in the UK

  • Studying abroad is a life-altering but puzzling process. The United Kingdom is a highly popular choice for international students to study at globally recognized universities. However, it can cost you a good amount of money, time, and effort. However, an organized and efficient budget plan can help you manage your studying and living expenses more effectively. This is why, before leaving your home country, ensure that you consider expenses like accommodation, food, health insurance, entertainment and travel along with your tuition fee while calculating your total expenses in the United Kingdom. Moreover, living and other expenses in the UK vary on the basis of an individual’s lifestyle and personal circumstances. Some important tips to reduce costs while studying and living in the UK are:

    1. Scholarship or Funding: Tuition fees at UK universities largely depend on the institution and course you’ve enrolled in. Moreover, in the UK, there are many high-ranking universities and colleges with their own fees and structures. The tuition fee also differs depending on the location of your university. Also, the tuition fees depend on the student’s level of degree.

    Getting a scholarship or funding from the university or from professors is the common way to reduce your tuition fees. If you get a scholarship you’ll be able to save a large amount of money. UK universities offer a large number of scholarships for both local and international students. You may also contact the Universities representatives. Most of the information you may also get on the university website. The common scholarships are:

    ★ Commonwealth Scholarship

    ★ Rhodes Scholarship

    ★ Fulbright Scholarship

    ★ The Chevening Scholarship

    ★ The Global Study Awards

    ★ The Royal Society Grants

    ★ Gates Cambridge

    2. Student Accommodation vs Living at Home: The accommodation costs vary on a large scale in the UK. Here, most universities provide on-campus accommodation facilities. In addition, cities like London, Nottingham, Manchester are hugely costlier than other cities and small towns. As most UK universities offer accommodation for international students, it should be the most preferred and financially beneficial option for them and as a result, the foreign students can reduce their expenses. Furthermore, living on-campus residency will add conveniences for students as their campuses are just a walking distance away. Moreover, they can save their transportation costs. Also, the students can share their rooms with other students at the very beginning.

    3. Public Transport in England: If you’re going to London, England you will discover highly organized public transport and you should take advantage when you’ll be here. You’ll need an Oyster Card to use British public transport. However, it can be difficult for you to identify which option of Oyster Card is more suitable for you. Here’s a breakdown that might be helpful for you.

    ★ Top up as You Go Card

    ★ Student Card

    ★ Monthly Card

    4. Grocery and Shopping Places: There are plenty of grocery stores in the UK to choose from, but it is good to know which ones will get you the best deals. Sainsbury’s and Tesco are the cheapest and well known for international students. Students will find everything they need. You need to remember that you’re purchasing all these things only once. So, you don’t need to worry about the cost.

    5. Free Entertainment: You will get this good deal of entertainment only in London and finding these things won’t be difficult for you at all. As London is a city to walk around with plenty of fascinating architecture and history, you will never get bored in this city. Moreover, you can visit most of the museums without spending a single penny in England. The United Kingdom also has a large number of parks where you can spend some quality and peaceful time and you don’t need to spend money here as well.

    6. Don’t Rush to Buy Books: You might get a shock at the beginning of your academic year when you’ll receive a reading list that might be more expensive than your parents’ house. You need to find out which books you must buy because believe it or not buying these books can be a waste of money. As for the others, if need be, you can always borrow them from the library.

    In the end, it is true that international students often get a pretty bad reputation for their questionable money management skills. So, you can start making your plan from now on since you have got an idea of the costs of living and studying in the United Kingdom. Moreover, if you get the opportunity to study in the UK you must miss the opportunity.