• What is TOEFL?

    TOEFL is the assessment of knowledge of English as a foreign language. It is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers desiring to study in English-speaking universities. It determines your ability to perform different tasks using a combination of listening, speaking, reading, and writing sections that will be required of you in college or at work. It is the most popular standardized English-language test available that is accepted at more than 10,000 universities and institutions worldwide.


    The TOEFL is usually an Internet-based test (TOEFL iBT), although paper testing is still used in some areas that do not have high-speed Internet. The test which is of a 4-hour duration is designed to test your English communication skills. This article covers the speaking section of the TOEFL Exam and how its scores are calculated.


    The speaking section consists of four tasks to be covered in 17 minutes. One of the tasks is related to your view on familiar topics. The remaining three tasks require you to either listen to or read a passage and answer the related questions based on the given topic. The tasks are related to academic lectures or campus situations and the student is given 15030 seconds to prepare for your answer. Then, you are required to speak for 45-60 seconds on the matter. You will be evaluated based on your understanding of the information and then communicate your thoughts spontaneously, coherently, and clearly.


    The TOEFL score ranges between 0-120 points, each section also has its score between 0-30 points. The TOEFL scores have raw and scaled scores. A raw score is simply the number of questions you got correct on a test. These scores are then changed to 0-30 point scores, which are TOEFL-scaled scores. Universities will only consider your scaled scores when evaluating the eligibility of a candidate for admission.

    Speaking Section Scores

    The Speaking section is recorded digitally and then evaluated by several raters, as well as an automated Artificial Intelligence scoring system. Each of the six tasks is rated from 0 – 4, giving you a probable raw score of 24 points for each grader. You will be awarded one point just for finishing the task and speaking in English. The average of each grader’s section scores is calculated collectively to give you a final raw score. This is then converted to the total scaled TOEFL Speaking score from 0 to 30. A good TOEFL score depends entirely on the school that you are thinking of to get admission. The minimum TOEFL score for entrance to Colleges and Universities can range from as low as 45 to a challenging 110. The students need a lot of practice to get the best TOEFL scores. They should:

    • Do proper research to know the requirements of different universities.

    • Take a TOEFL practice test to determine your ability to speak, read, write, and listen to the language.

    • Prepare for the test in advance, at least 6 months before taking the test.

    • Try to have strong English vocabulary skills, especially within academic subjects.

    • Take a three-step strategy if you do not clear the exam on the first attempt i.e. Evaluate/Report/Retake.


    There are three ways to TOEFL exam registration-

    • Online, at the ETS website

    • Through Email

    • By phone

    One must check for the available dates and venues for the test before registration. The online registration closes seven days before the exam. The steps to go for the TOEFL registration process are as follows:

    1. Go to the official website

    2. Make a outline for TOEFL test takers

    3. Select the TOEFL exam date and location

    4. Pay the required registration fees

    5. Confirm the application and submit it