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Why does Germany give free Education ?

  • Whenever we think about study in Germany, we always want to study in public universities in Germany. Reason behind studying in public universities is that they offer free education to international students. But now the question comes to why Germany offers free education to students which we’ll discuss in this blog as well as how to study in Germany for free.


    Why does Germany offer free education to students ?

    Germany sees education as valuable not as commodity. They want to attract international students to their country so that they’ll work there and Germany will get efficient manpower.  

    Germany is one of the few nations in Europe to provide free education to all foreign students as well as EU students.

    They think that providing free access to higher education will promote both the nation's welfare and economic progress.

    If you are an international student, you must obtain a residence permit prior to traveling to Germany. They ought to finish their study in Germany.

    These are some reasons why Germany provides free education to students. Now after knowing all these reasons so many of you want to know how to study in Germany for free. So don’t worry, I'll explain this too.


    How to study in Germany for free


    Everyone who is planning their studies in Germany wants to know how they can get admission in Germany for free. There are few steps by following these steps you can get admission in Germany in Public universities. Steps are given below:


    Choose an appropriate programme to study in Germany: Firstly you should choose a programme which you want to pursue in Germany. Then find the university in which that programme is available. Now it might be possible that after surfing on google you’ll be confused as to which university is good. So in that situation you can take guidance from German education consultants. They’ll be guiding you regarding which university suits your profile. 


    Check entry requirements to get admission in German university: secondly check the entry requirements. Now there you will get to know various requirements which you need to fulfill before. After fulfilling all the requirements you can apply to the university. German education consultants also help for the same.


    Learn German: You should learn German if your programme is German taught. Then definitely it will be required to have this skill. So learn this as well. Also to survive in Germany you’ll be required to learn German. Because in Germany education is free but for living and accommodation you’ll be required to earn by doing some part time work for which you have to learn German.


    Apply for the public universities: now apply for those universities in which your programme is available. Because only public universities offer free education to students. In case you find that your programme is not available in public universities then you can apply for private universities because there are scholarships programmes as well regarding which you ask German education consultants.

    Apply for the German student visa: After completing all the formalities, apply for the German student visa and fly to Germany and start studying.