• Germany is a global hub for international students with an admirable history in its teaching and research fields. Therefore, we welcome people who can play an active role as human resources, placing the highest priority on skills and knowledge.

    This is one of the fastest growing study abroad destinations, especially among Indian students. This is because German universities offer free* education to both local and international students. Germany is definitely the best option for those who want to study and learn in a quality education system that won't strain their wallet.

    While planning your study, you need to think about the benefits you will receive later. Besides the experience and knowledge you get, there are a lot of different things that are still a big question mark. For example, "How much will your education be worth?" is one of the most frequently asked questions after investing a lot of time and money in studying abroad.

    So here we bring both quantitative and qualitative information that can help you see how much you are likely to earn after completing your study program in Germany.

    Actually after completing study it depends upon your potential but we can give a rough idea how much a person can earn after completing study from Germany. But before that we need to discuss some more information regarding this.


    Jobs in Germany:- There are two kinds of jobs available in Germany: part-time jobs and full-time jobs. It depends upon the requirement what job you wanna do. so we are giving you a brief of those two.

    Part-time jobs:- Part time jobs play an important role in international students' lives as they came from outside countries and they really need a source of income through which they can bear their living expenses. There are various options available in Germany for part time jobs. part-time jobs are like academic assistants and off campus jobs.


    Academic assistants:- it means that you can work as a tutor, part time librarian, etc. 


    Off campus jobs:- There are various off campus jobs available in Germany that you can work as  Waiter/Waitress,Trade Fairs, Courier, Babysitter. Bartender, Cashier, Filing office documents, Media (Journalism students).


    Full-time jobs:-There are various full-time jobs available in Germany which consist of 8 working hours in a day and 40 working hours in a week. students can't do full time work in Germany they can only do work for 20 hours in a week. If they'll exceed this limit then they need to pay into the German social security system which will have a negative impact on their studies. 


    Job opportunities in Germany- The roles of jobs in the German labor market are diverse. International applicants are especially welcome for positions requiring a large workforce. These include nurses, doctors, engineers, mechanical technicians and IT professionals. In addition to the scope of roles, there are also many contracts.

    There are various job opportunities in Germany but the main thing is that you should be aware of how you can avail those opportunities. so here we are giving a brief regarding this.




    For getting a job you need to be aware about the current vacancies in the market. Sometimes companies outsource their recruitment process to outside companies so you should be in contact with them. And there are many apps as well where companies post about their hiring so you can also get information from there. And also if you really want to do a job after study in Germany then you should plan it earlier and collect basic information at the time of studying only. You should collect basic documents for the interview. 


    Job opportunities in Germany after masters:- Yes there are various job opportunities after completing masters from there but it also depends upon your specialization of masters that where you should go. If you are someone who is interested in pursuing master's in Germany then you would have a great career ahead. You just need to focus on your studies very well.


    Jobs with highest pay in Germany:-

    Data Scientist


    Project Manager

    Robotics Research Engineers

    IT Manager

    Automation engineer,etc.


    Highest paying industries in Germany:-

    Scientific research







    Top 10 companies to work for in Germany





    Boston Consulting Group 

    Mercedes-Benz International  


    Procter & Gamble

    Research Center Jülich 

    Boehringer Ingelheim 


    How much a person can earn in Germany:-

    There is no specified answer to this question. Your earning depends on your potential and how much you are capable of performing a job. Your way of giving an interview also matters and somewhere your confidence level. If you will give an interview in a good way and have those skills which a company wants then definitely there would be some negotiation in salary. The main thing is that you have to pursue those skills which are required so that you can become eligible. 


    Conclusion:- In conclusion it can be concluded that Germany is a country which has a very low unemployment rate and contains a lot of job opportunities. only you should know how to avail those.