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How To Handle Complex Configuration with SAP CPQ

  • Handling complex configuration with SAP CPQ involves several steps that can help ensure the correct and efficient configuration of complex products and services. These days, businesses dealing with complex products use CPQ for SAP to plan out every business process. 


    CPQ for SAP can also help companies to define the product structure, including all components and dependencies. This may involve creating rules and logic that dictate how different product components interact with each other. When appropriately utilized,  CPQ for SAP can also create product bundles that contain all necessary components for each product offering. These bundles may be customizable based on customer requirements.


    It can also set pricing rules based on factors such as customer type, location, and order quantity. You may also set discounts and promotions based on specific customer requirements. You can also set validation rules to ensure all configurations are accurate and complete. These rules may include checks for product compatibility and configuration completeness.


    What is SAP CPQ

    CPQ, a software solution, aims to assist businesses in streamlining the sales process for complicated goods and services. A CPQ solution offered by SAP, SAP CPQ (formerly CallidusCloud CPQ), interfaces with other SAP software products, including SAP CRM and SAP ERP.


    According to the customer's needs, the CPQ software automates the configuration of goods and services before figuring out the cost and generating a quote. The program considers several elements to swiftly and accurately produce quotations, including price guidelines, discounts, promotions, and other variables.


    What Are The Challenges Teams Face In Complex Configuration

    Teams can face several challenges when working on complex configuration tasks. These are some of the most common challenges that every business faces. 


    Lack of clarity: In complex configuration tasks, many aspects may lack clarity about what needs to be configured and how. This can create confusion between teams, delays, and impact delivery. Using the CPQ integration platform can save you from this trouble. As it streamlines all the processes carefully, all the team members can access the product details and work accordingly. 


    Multiple stakeholders: A complicated configuration assignment may involve many stakeholders, each with its own needs and objectives. Bringing disparate needs together and ensuring everyone is happy with the setup can be difficult. With Epicor, Ecommerce CPQ businesses can effectively work based on clients’ requirements by simply automating all the needs with predefined rules. Even a sales team can easily design and edit a design document with clear instructions so that every team can follow one path. 


    Technical complexity: Complex configuration tasks may require high technical expertise, and team members may not have the necessary skills or knowledge to complete the job. This can result in delays and errors. CPQ integration platform has all the potential to take care of technical complexities without increasing your budget. 


    Integration issues: Configuration changes may impact other parts of the system, and teams must ensure that the changes are correctly integrated with existing systems and processes. CPQ for SAP makes this transition smooth and simple without losing information and data. 


    Testing and validation: Configurations need to be thoroughly tested and validated before they are deployed, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. CPQ integration platform can help you test configuration every time it is sent to deployment to avoid a future error. 


    Documentation: Configurations must be adequately documented, which can be challenging when dealing with complex systems and processes. With CPQ for SAPthe sales team can prepare detailed documents with all the essential project details following those documents. 


    All units can work collaboratively without any confusion. 


    Change management: Managing changes to complex configurations can be difficult, especially when dealing with multiple stakeholders and systems. Teams need effective change management processes to ensure that changes are tracked, documented, and communicated to all stakeholders.


    Summing up

    Integrate SAP CPQ with other software to provide a complete sales solution that can help streamline the sales process and improve overall efficiency. Epicor Ecommerce CPQ allows businesses to create guided selling workflows that help sales reps configure products accurately and efficiently. These workflows may include interactive product configurators, visualizations, and product selection tools.


    If you want to know more about CPQ for SAP and CPQ configurator, contact the KBMax team now!