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  • In the new MMO New World from Amazon, you have to face the dangerous nature of the island, various monsters and undead, as well as confront other players. We have prepared for you the basic tips on New World, which will help you get used to the game and upgrade your character. Although you can turn to the New World Database and speed up this process.

    When you first launch the game, you can create your first character. You can also create up to four characters on one account and switch between them at any convenient moment.

    Complete the introductory training quest, in which you will learn how to use the basic game mechanics, as well as resist monsters. When you get to the "mainland", run errands for the Charity Douglas character to unlock new items and upgrade your character.

    How to extract resources

    Resources in New World will be needed to create weapons, various dishes and potions. Some resources can be collected by hand, while others will need special tools. You can do crafting in the base camp of all beginners when interacting with a campfire.

    For example, ordinary branches (Green Wood) are extracted both from small bushes and when cutting trees. In the first case, you will not need additional tools for extracting branches, and for cutting trees you will have to craft an axe (Flint Logging Axe).

    To get the skin and meat of an animal, be sure to create a carving knife (Flint Skinning Knife), and to collect flax fibers (Fibers) and some herbs you will need a sickle (Flint Harvesting Sickle). You will find all the necessary drawings in the item creation menu.

    The regions where you can get valuable resources are most often inhabited by strong enemies. Before mining such resources, you should definitely pump your character and stock up on dishes for health regeneration.

    You can get clean water from wells that are scattered around the world of New World. In particular, such wells are located in cities. You can process resources in the game using special machines.

    To process wood, use a woodworking machine (Woodshop Tier), and to process stone products, use a stone cutting Table (Stonecutting Table). Leather products are made on a tanning machine (Tannery tier). Similar machines can be found in any city.

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