4 rules for a successful Instagram account of your dog

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    Cute photos with our dogs have become very popular on Instagram. That’s why many owners have started to create separate accounts for their favorite pets, which are already gaining dozens or even millions of followers. So, if you have a beloved dog and you spend a lot of time with him, it’s time to make him a separate account and let him enjoy the popularity) Below I will give some tips on maintaining Instagram for your pet

    - The first thing is to introduce all your followers to your dog’s interesting and fascinating story. Recall interesting features about how you got him and what fun things happened during his childhood.

    - Make quality posts. These days, it’s hard to be surprised by a simple photo of a cute dog on Instagram, so look for interesting photos that best express your dog’s personality and nature. Also, do not forget to process photos, the same VSCO is good for that.

    - Be sure to make beautiful and interesting captions. Behind each photo there is a story and try to convey this story in the text below the photo. You can study this article for inspiration.

    - Don’t forget to enjoy your time with your friend. After all, it is during real joy and the most tumultuous emotions that you get the coolest content.

    These tips will help you not only to make a quality account of your dog but also not to forget the dog itself in the pursuit of likes)