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Overview of the best Forex Expert Advisors

  • Before proceeding to the description of specific products, it is necessary to make a reservation: this rating of profitable advisors is not the ultimate truth, although now Elon Musk EA or EM_EA is considered one of these, but it is better to read about Elon Musk EA Review here


    This is a subjective opinion, and I cannot be responsible for all programs.


    My personal rating consists of the first three positions.


    Most of the Expert Advisors can be downloaded for free.

    Tips for choosing

    Since there are a lot of ready-made robots on the modern market, it can be very difficult to find and choose something really interesting.


    Here it is necessary to start from several factors:


    - Type of adviser. We talked about them above. Just choose what suits you best. There are no specific recommendations here, since advisors from all categories are able to make a profit.

    - The strategy used. There are programs that are called black boxes. Nothing is known about their work at all. The effectiveness of such a robot can only be tested in practice. But in most cases, the authors talk about how their product works. Just choose a strategy that interests you, or that you use yourself and find an Expert Advisor with a similar algorithm.

    - The degree of risk. The adviser can be both aggressive, they can include robots using Martingale, and conservative, with a huge number of introductory ones. Here the choice depends on personal preferences and goals.