LGP Series Roller Compactor

  • LGP Series Roller Compactor

    Product Description

    LGP Series Roller Compactor is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical and foodstuff industry. It’s essential for variable active drug production in pharmaceutical industry, especially for thermosensitive and humidity sensitive drugs.

    Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor Features

    1.Follow the regulations of c GMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA

    2.Double screw feeding system, greatly improves density and yield.

    3.Vacuum system for screw feeder

    4.All the parts contact with material can be disassembled completely and cleaned easily.

    5.Casting extrusion box, prevent deformation under pressure and ensure roller working precision.

    6.Both rollers have three-side adjustable scraper (USA Patented) .


    1. Less material and energy consumption

    2. Product appearance and fluidity is improved

    3. Active ingredients is protected effectively, especially for thermo sensitive and humidity.