Step T700 Tablet Press Machine

  • Step T700 Tablet Press Machine

    Product Description

    Changeable turret

    Single punch pressure monitoring

    Batch management

    Punch tightness monitoring

    Ejection force monintoring

    Single rejection of bad tablets

    Sampling for good tablets

    Double feeding and double discharging

    Double-layer tablet pressing

    Canaan T-Series High-speed Tablet Press Machine is in the forefront of the industry in terms of performance.

    The four columns are installed on the four corners of the outer edge with the longest force arm and the best torsion resistance; Strengthening the column and pouring damping material can effectively reduce the amplitude;

    High precision, high wear resistance punch and roller are manufactured according to European standard, equipped with the world's top bearings to make the core parts run more smoothly, with low heating, low noise and long service life;

    German custom-made high-precision weighing sensor, located under the roller, can directly measure the tablet pressure, with high sensitivity, low delay and straight characteristic curve, ensuring accurate and real-time value; The combination of high-performance PLC and industrial PC has fast operation speed and constitutes a powerful control system.


    Level 3 safety circuit, safe operation

    High precision manufacturing, reliable operation

    Modular design, easy to disassemble

    High Performance PLC + Industrial computer control

    Servo motor adjusts pressure and filling depth

    Meet GMP and FDA requirements

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