Canaan HZD series Bin blender

  • Canaan HZD series Bin blender

    Product Introduction:

    Canaan HZD series Bin blender has below features:

    1. Inline hermetic transfer

    2. Efficient blending

    3. Detachable bin design for various batch size application

    4. Easy cleaning


    Canaan HZD series Bin blender has below advantages:

    1.Human/machine/product safety

    2.High efficiency mixing Less mixing time

    3.Easy changing batch size

    4.Small footprint


    HZD series pharma Bin blender can automatically complete lifting, clamping, mixing and descending tasks and can be matched with different specification pharma bins to satisify large batch and various mixing. It is considered as ideal mixing equipment in pharmaceutical factory and iwidely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries.