Dry Granulation Machine LGCS100

  • Dry Granulation Machine LGCS100

    Product Introduction:

    Dry Granulation Machine LGCS100 is mainly designed for the need of large-yield granulation, especially suitable for traditional Chinese medicine. The whole equipment has good rigidity, large capacity and can be cleaned. The modular disassembly and assembly brings great convenience to production staff.

    Factors affecting the rate and size of pellets produced by the Dry Granulator

    1. Roller speed

    2. Feed speed

    3. Roll Design

    4. The difference between the shape and size of the screw

    5. Cohesion, density and flow characteristics of powder

    6. Granularity

    7. Machine Type

    8. Die diameter

    Pharmaceutical uses of Dry Granulator

    1. Use a dry granulator when the drug cannot be compressed well after wet granulation.

    2. Dry granulator is the best choice for aspirin, vitamins and other drugs sensitive to moisture.

    3. It is used for granulation of heat-labile drugs.