FZ Series Fluid-bed Granulator

  • FZ Series Fluid-bed Granulator

    FZ Fluid Bed Granulator, one of the commonly used equipments in solid preparation production, is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries. This Fluid Bed Granulator has functions of mixing, granulating and drying.

    How Fluidized Bed Granulator Works

    Studies of the fluidized bed granulation process have shown that the process is generally the same regardless of machine design. This is because the location of the fluidized bed spray system is always the same. That said, you can choose between top spray granulation or side/tangential spray systems. In this section, you will learn how the fluidized bed process works. But first, I would like to review the overall design and structure of the wet granulator.

    Fluidized Bed Granulator Design and Construction

    Fluid bed granulators come in many shapes and designs depending on their function. For example, you might have a fluid bed granulator and coater or a fluid bed dryer and granulator. In these two wet granulators, you will notice certain structural differences.