OEB5 High Containment Isolator

  • OEB5 High Containment Isolator

    Integrated type

    Powder pretreatment OEB5 isolator

    Independent AHU

    Safe replaceable bucket filter PUSH-PUSH

    Inflatable sealing of opeartion door, and can real-time inspect air sealing status

    Ab valve discharge

    Fillet design, no dead corner

    Inclined design of box body for water discharging

    Continuous bagging/RTP waste discharge

    OEB5 Isolator

    In recent years, the requirements and demands of the industry for suitable containment solutions have increased significantly. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, more and more potent active ingredients are being produced, which require closed and dust-free processes. Handling these hazardous substances requires a high level of safety to protect employees, products and the production environment. In the past, employees were often only equipped with a full protective suit and tended to work in fairly open processes. The risk of contamination of the product and work environment is very high. Today, depending on the application, the process is either integrated into an OEB5 isolator (protective housing) or designed as a tightly closed process system to ensure a dust-free and safe working environment.