DPP-350C Three servo speed reciprocating pillow packing machine

  • DPP-350C Three servo speed reciprocating pillow packing machine


    According to the latest demand of the markei, scienlitic research technicians of our company designed and developed the line machine, which is specially for AL/PL & AL/PL/AL blister and Packing into cartons.

    The line machine integrating AL/PL & AL/PL/AL blister, feeding, detection, rejection and cartoning Packing into an organic whole, which with compact structure, simple operation and pic touch Screen adopted. Change parts can special designed by customer's requirement.

    Main Performance And Structural Characteristics

    1.The three servo control, bag length cutting, without air conditioning in one step, easy and film.

    2.No air bag functions. Queliao automatically shut down, take the film cutter stops automatically fill pusher. No air bag. do not waste envelope, without artificial feeding

    3 Built-in temperature control module. temperature independent P1D control temperature control precision, and better suited to a variety of packaging materials.

    4.Anti-cut material capabilities, norvstop, to prevenl cutting, improve machine efficiency, reduce equipment wear and tear.

    5.Touch interface, convenient parameter setting.

    6.The self-diagnostic function, clear failure display.

    7.End closure Gusseted device, more beautiful bag shape, improve product quality.

    8.Positioned stop function, v/ithout sticking knife or wasting film

    9.Powertrain simple, more reliable, more convenient maintenanee,

    10.AJI con trolled by the software to facilitate the function of restructuring and technological upgrading, never backward.

    11.Servo cutting function, cutting version number in the touch screen directly regulate.

    The Blister Packing Machine provides a three-in-one manufacturing process for blister packs, including forming, sealing and perforating/cutting.