ZH-200 Cartoning machine

  • ZH-200 Cartoning machine

    Canaan designs and manufactures Cartoning Machines for a wide range of industries, including the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical device, food, beverage, personal care, cosmetic, household and industrial markets. Each cartoner offers a compact footprint to save space in your facility, while still delivering the great assets we are known for - such as open balcony design, rugged durability, quick changeover and low maintenance.

    Canaan Cartoning Machine Main technical parameters


    60-200 box / min

    Finished product rate(mm)


    Wasteful product rejection rate(mm)


    Packing material

    Box dimension(LxWxH)


    Cardboard of box required


    Leaflet dimension: (LxW):



    Leaflet paper required


    Clean compressed air(pressure)


    Air consumption

    ≧0.3 m3/min