What Should you Know About DC Argon Arc Welding Machine?

  • The DC argon arc welding machine adopts high-frequency pressurized arc ignition and pulse thermal arc ignition design. It has excellent arc starting performance, wide operating voltage range, strong grid adaptability, and high load duration. It is more suitable for continuous working welding equipment in the factory.

    AC and DC TIG Welding Machine

    AC and DC TIG Welding Machine

    Features of DC argon arc welding machine:

    Using advanced inverter technology, high working frequency, small size, light weight and easy to carry.

    It adopts high-frequency pressurized arc ignition and pulse thermal arc ignition technology, excellent arc starting performance, sufficient welding current, and excellent performance-to-price ratio.

    The unique output characteristic design is more suitable for filler wire welding, and the weld seam is beautiful.

    Wide working range, strong network adaptability, high load continuity rate, more suitable for continuous operation of the factory.

    Suitable for welding stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and other metals.

    The arc starting of argon arc welding adopts the arc starting method of high voltage breakdown. First, high frequency and high voltage is applied between the electrode needle (tungsten needle) and the workpiece to break down the argon gas to make it conductive, and then supply a continuous current to ensure the stability of the arc.

    The working principle of the argon arc welding machine in the main circuit, auxiliary power supply, drive circuit, protection circuit, etc. is the same as that of the manual arc welding machine. I won't describe more here, but focus on the unique control functions and arc starting circuit functions of the argon arc welding machine.

    In order to protect the easy arc starting and improve the welding quality, the argon arc welding machine also adds a booster arc starting device at the output end, which uses the other set of secondary sides of the transformer of the high-frequency and high-voltage generator as the booster transformer, making the high When the high-frequency high-voltage generator is working, it also raises the voltage at the output terminal to ensure arc starting. After the arc starts, the booster device is also disconnected along with the high-frequency high-voltage current generator. Our company has AC and DC TIG Welding Machine on sale, welcome to contact us.