IGBT Module Inverter Series Max Cut 100D

  • IGBT Module Inverter Series Max Cut 100D

    Product Features:

    1.  IGBT inverter technology , 100% duty cycle .ideal for match CNC device

    2. Optional HF and NO-HF to fulfill market requirement

    3. Pre-flow checking and post-flow cooling ,Multi-protection for overheat and overload .

    4. Narrow cutting seam, clean cutting edge, anti deformation, high usage of metal

    5. Workable at any positions with different shapes at will

    6. Digital control series with 2T\4T self-locking function ,ideal for continuous work

    7. High success rate of arc striking leads to perfect cutting performance; Optional digital control panel to realize grid cutting function ,even cutting grid structure workpiece, can maintain arc continuously

    8. Strong ability of anti-fluctuation of power supply, the ratio reaches 15% ( industrial requirement 10%.)

    Plasma ARC is more stable and is not as easily deflected to the closest point of base metal. Greater variation in joint alignment is possible with plasma arc welding. This is important when making root pass welds on pipe and other one-side weld joints. Plasma welding has deeper penetration capabilities and produces a narrower weld. This means that the depth-to-width ratio is more advantageous.

    Advantages of plasma arc welding when compared to gas tungsten arc welding stem from the fact that PAW has a higher energy concentration. Its higher temperature, constricted cross-sectional area, and the velocity of the plasma jet create a higher heat content. The other advantage is based on the stiff columnar type of arc or form of the plasma, which doesn’t flare like the gas tungsten arc.