IGBT Inverter Series ADVAN CUT 40

  • IGBT Inverter Series ADVAN CUT 40

    AIR Plasma Cutting Machines Features:

    1. IGBT inverter technology , 60% duty cycle

    2. Optional HF and NO-HF to fulfill market requirement  

    3. Pre-flow checking and post-flow cooling ,Multi-protection for overheat and overload

    4. Narrow cutting seam, clean cutting edge, anti deformation, high usage of metal

    5. Workable at any positions with different shapes at will

    6. Digital control series with 2T\4T self-locking function ,ideal for continuous work

    7. High success rate of arc striking leads to perfect cutting performance; Optional digital control panel to realize grid cutting function ,even cutting grid structure workpiece, can maintain arc continuously

    8. Strong ability of anti-fluctuation of power supply, the ratio reaches 15% ( industrial requirement 10%.)

    ADVAN CUT 40 Specification

    Technical Parameters

    ADVAN CUT 40

    Rated Input Voltage (V)

    1PH ~ 220V+15%

    Power Frequency(Hz)


    Rated Input Current(A)


    Rated Input Power(KVA)


    No-load Voltage(V)


    Cutting Current(A)


    Rated Duty Cycle 60%


    Rated Duty Cycle 100%


    Cutting Thickness(mild steel/mm)


    Cutting Thickness (stainless steel/mm)


    Cutting Thickness(Aluminium/mm)


    Max Cutting Thickness (mm)