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AIR Plasma Cutting Machines

  • AIR Plasma Cutting Machines

    IGBT Module Inverter Series Max Cut 160D

    Cutting Machines Features:

    1. IGBT inverter technology , 100% duty cycle .ideal for match CNC device

    2. Optional HF and NO-HF to fulfill market requirement  

    3. Pre-flow checking and post-flow cooling ,Multi-protection for overheat and overload .

    4. Narrow cutting seam, clean cutting edge, anti deformation, high usage of metal

    5. Workable at any positions with different shapes at will

    6. Digital control series with 2T\4T self-locking function ,ideal for continuous work

    7. High success rate of arc striking leads to perfect cutting performance; Optional digital control panel to realize grid cutting function ,even cutting grid structure workpiece, can maintain arc continuously

    8. Strong ability of anti-fluctuation of power supply, the ratio reaches 15% ( industrial requirement 10%.)

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