Prismatic battery module semi-automatic assembly line

  • Prismatic battery module semi-automatic assembly line

    Product Description

    Prismatic battery module semi-automatic assembly line is mainly used in the production of new energy lithium battery modules, Prismatic battery modules, energy storage battery modules, power battery modules and pack welding assembly, etc.

    Lithium battery module assembly line Features :

    Equipment includes brand computer, software system, precision voltage internal resistance measuring instrument, coding mechanism, batch feeding device, automatic grading by manipulator, automatic feeding and other devices.

    According to the AC internal resistance, open circuit voltage and other parameters of the lithium battery, the batteries are accurately divided into groups according to various performance parameters, and the maximum number of one-time grading and pairing is 8 groups, which improves the consistency of pack battery quality and paired cell performance. sex.

    Acquisition of AC internal resistance and open circuit voltage can be achieved by using the high-precision internal resistance meter built in this equipment, Japanese BT3562A, Japanese DM7275 automatic acquisition, automatic control of the sorting process, easy operation, no manual participation, to ensure the accuracy of test parameters and The reliability of the pairing process improves and guarantees the performance quality of pack products.

    High degree of automation, simple operation, hopper feeding, easy operation, about 600 batteries can be tested and matched per hour, which can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

    The performance data of the battery cells tested by the system adopts the database management mode, which is stored for a long time and has strong traceability. With the data analysis function of the software, long-term monitoring and analysis of product performance and quality can be carried out to guide the improvement of research and development formulas and improve the production process.

    The data is collected by the industrial computer, and the curve graph and bar graph are automatically generated. The system has the function of database, which can trace the historical data and export it.

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