Full automatic hot sale pv solar panel production line

  • Full automatic hot sale pv solar panel production line

    automatic hot sale pv solar panel production line Features:

    1. Intelligentization: Using bus control technology, each unit independently monitors and performs intelligent processing on the production process control diagnosis.

    2. On-line control: through effective contact with EL detection system, insulation test system and finished product performance test system and other detection systems, so as to achieve online detection control.

    3. Redundant control: through the combination of server redundancy, controller redundancy, etc., to ensure the long-term stable and continuous operation of the entire system.

    4. Future direction: The layout of the production line takes into account future expansion requirements, maximizes the space for expansion, saves floor space, and efficiently utilizes existing equipment.

    PV Solar Panel Production Line Basic technical requirements:

    1. The equipment power requirement is 380V, the power load should be above 110KW, the 3-phase 5-wire system, and the equipment compressed air requirement is in the range of 0.6-0.8MPa;

    2. The conveying speed of the assembly line: the speed before lamination> 11 m/min, the speed after lamination> 11 m/min, the speed control range: 0-50 m/min;

    3.The external dimensions of the assembly line: This equipment is non-standard equipment, and finally Qinhuangdao Yudian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. will provide the layout diagram;

    4. When the equipment is in normal operation, the component failure rate caused by the equipment and the transmission line is less than 1/10000;

    5. The transmission line conveys smoothly, and the offset size is less than 3MM;

    6. The normal utilization rate of equipment is ≥98% (normal maintenance, except maintenance), calculated based on continuous work for one year;

    7. The service life of the equipment is ≥10 years;

    8. The noise when the equipment is working ≦72dbA.