Portable laser marking machine

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    Portable laser marking machine

    Product Description

    Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine has an overall size as small as a desktop computer. The whole modular design makes it compact, light, and easy to carry in car or be transported by express courier. 2021 new Portable laser marking machine, You could enjoy your marking time freely at the office, home, workshop, yards, craft shop, etc.

    Laser Marking Machine Features

    2021 new Portable laser marking machine, Overall modular design: compact, light, easy to carry freely;

    Wide application: handle both metal and non-metal materials;

    Standout performance: consistent marking quality with high speed(up to 7000mm/s), 2-3 times higher than traditional marking;

    Long Lifetime: advanced laser generator, more than 100, 000h;

    Low consumption: electro-optic conversion rate up to 30%, power consumption lowered by 3-10 times compared with YAG laser;

    Environment-friendly and energy-saving;