R32 DC Inverter Heat Pump for Heating Cooling and DHW

  • R32 DC Inverter Heat Pump for Heating Cooling and DHW

    Product Description

    Dc Inverter Heat Pump

    Our R32 DC inverter air to water heat pump is a solution which uses DC inverter technology to heat, cool and to produce domestic hot water. It does not only satisfy house heating requirements, but also supplies domestic hot water. The outlet water temperature is up to 60 °C for radiator and domestic hot water applications, making hot water readily available. Besides, it can provide you a cooler environment in a hot summer. You will enjoy a comfortable life at your home all year round with one device.

    Dc Inverter Heat Pump Features:

    Full inverter technology

    R32 refrigerant

    MISTISHIBI inverter compressor

    SWEP plate heat exchanger

    ERP A+++

    For heating, cooling and DHW

    Smart WiFi control

    Pre-set selection of the appropriate climate curve

    Low running noise