Arsenal's player rating in FIFA 22 can't bear to look straight

  • European domestic leagues continue to progress smoothly, but for millions of fans around the world, the real start of the season is after EA Sports released the latest version of FIFA.

    FIFA Ultimate Team mode is the most popular among all FIFA available modes. Because in this mode, players can form their own dream teams with players from top clubs to compete with players from all over the world. On the bright side, this is a fun way to play management and simulate roster, lineup, and tactics. But on the other hand, it is an addictive money-making machine similar to gambling. At the same time, it is a disguised incentive for predatory payments in order to attract games.

    EA will release his 29th FIFA game on October 1, and players are also making full preparations for it. Its pre-release has already begun in the trailer, such as new game modes, improved player animations, and adjustments to gameplay. But for FIFAF fans, what they care about most is player ratings, and then there will be endless debates over whether they will start to accurately rank the players published by EA.

    And the FIFA 22 player rating of Arsenal officially announced this week is Buy FIFA 22 Coins really unbearable.

    For those Arsenal fans who have just joined the FIFA game, they may all want to ignore FIFA this season, or they may not want to join any Gunners in their team. Since last season became Arsenal's worst domestic season, the ratings of many top players last season were seriously affected. For example, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, the highest-rated Arsenal player last season, dropped from 87 points last season to 85 points after one season.

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