New World map drawn by jasonjulias attracts attention

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    A recently completed project on the New World subreddit was shared via Redditor jasonjulias. They compiled the interactive New World map fragment into a 2D fragment on the official MMO website. In fact, they copied the New World map developed in-house by Amazon, although the map is not currently fully available to the public. However, the 8192 x 8192 resolution of New World's Aeternum map is impressive.

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    If you're a New World fan who wants to use the map, Amazon is selling an MMO collector's edition item separate from the game. There will be a New World map, and a Steel Book, but no copy of the game. The map focuses on the physical Cheap New World Coins details of Aeternum rather than the location and name, which is more suitable for players to explore than the jasonjulias map.

    And, if Amazon's developers want to, they can also publish a high-resolution version of the New World map. Don't want to wait? Come buy New World Coins at As good as jasonjulias' compilation of map bits from the official new world site, but the official stuff could be better. For now, the compilation is excellent.

    A very interesting aspect of the map is that Amazon's developers can more easily expand the world of New World. There is a lot of undeveloped land in the west, northwest and north, and other landmasses in the east and southeast. This is a very good place to make this map for an MMO. Not only did they show fans what was attracting, but they were also showing them the void that was left. So this map becomes very special.

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