The Aura of Resonance may be the best reward in Lost Ark's log-

  • There have been a lot of log-in campaigns since the launch of Lost Ark, which offers great rewards for hardworking players. This is great for players, providing them with a lot of valuable items to help them level up. Currently, the best reward for the log-in campaign that has been launched is the Aura of Resonance.

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    For character development, the Aura of Resonance potions may be your better bet so far, if not the best. When used properly, they can save you a lot of time. It should be noted, however, that the Aura of Resonance potions is time-limited.

    In order to compensate players who have been plagued by game problems recently, in addition to the log-in campaign, the developers are also preparing to give players an entire collection of skins, including mounts, pets, and more.

    When you decide to farm Chaos Dungeons, Aura of Resonance is perhaps the most important resource among them. Because, it's a resource that determines the items and rarity you drop from the dungeon. It's replenished daily, but you won't get more than Gold Lost Ark twice a day of maximum loot from Chaos Dungeons. That is, after you've completed the chaos dungeons twice, you've used up your 100 stacks of Aura of Resonance, after which you won't be rewarded very well.

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