Street Furniture

  • It is important to integrate urban Street furniture into your infrastructure projects. It means providing life and a feeling of space to the public. In today’s world of speed and hecticness, creating an environment that allows people to rest and enjoy life and brings a smile to their faces is a necessity. Urban street furniture brings together people, it helps create communities. 

    We collaborate with experts in the field of urban street furniture to bring to our customer’s products of the highest quality.

    When it comes to design and the range of products it is of great importance to us to offer our customers products that can be harmoniously integrated into any contemporary architecture. Our vision is to provide the right fit to enhance the natural aesthetic of any public area. 

    But as important as design is when it comes to urban street furniture, functionality, durability, robust construction, efficient handling, fire safety are all matters we emphasize during any time of production. By keeping in touch with local trends as well as experts in this field we make sure to deliver a product range that is innovative, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and financially liable to our customers.

    We supply different types of furniture according to the requirements. We have furniture designed for gardens, street style, and parks. Our extensive/ comprehensive street furniture range includes litter bins, recycling bins, ashtrays, benches, seats, picnic sets, bollards, cycle stands, shelters,  tree planters, and tree grates. The materials included in our portfolio are: Wood and metal (steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, cast iron), Concrete, Stainless steel, Granite and marble, and corten steel.

    We are also able to create personalized and customized solutions according to customer requirements within budget, on time, and to the highest standards of quality and safety.