Green Plant Wall Design Ideas

  • Plants Design offers a range of Green Plant Walls in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE. Greenwalls allow using vertical spaces to bring nature inside. Vertical gardens are architecture and nature working together to create comfortable breathing areas. Greenwalls are new interior design concepts that achieve various purposes: climatic improvement, sustainable development, a healthy working environment, and a powerful design statement. Greenwalls or Plantwalls can be integrated into the space by simply enhancing it or they can be created to be eye-catching pieces of natural art.

    Vertical Greenwalls are an attractive and cost-effective solution for creating a “green curtain” on the exterior or interior of buildings.

    You have the option to choose a natural green wall, an artificial green wall or a moss wall. And beyond that this segment of landscaping is developing so fast, that there are regularly/constantly new systems coming up that might interest you as well, i.e. Green Plant Wires, Green wall-free-hanging systems, or systems that combine a fish tank with the planting area. Plants Design is always closely following the latest industry trends to ensure we provide/ introduce the highest-quality vertical gardens (to you).

    We offer you plant walls for indoors and outdoors, with different design ideas and wall art for both living as well as for artificial plant walls.  

    We design and select these systems on a custom basis. Our expert team of designers and construction staff will work with you strategically from the design phase through to the installation. We even have a maintenance team specialized in natural green walls to assist you with that part of the project as well. Our aim is to ensure that we meet your expectations for high-quality, affordable solutions.