Decorating Your Wedding Tables With Moroccan Style Candle Lante

  • Nothing says romance like the soothing, seductive charm of the Mediterranean. Moroccan interior design is all about color, texture, and fluid lines, representative of the rolling sands of the desert. Handcrafted accent pieces portray Islamic and Asian influence in an ancient country, persuaded by old world charm.
    Moroccan style table lamp Weddings in the Mediterranean are a spectacular event with all of the charm that forms memories. Bring a piece of this elegance to your own wedding with the Moroccan lamp centerpiece that will adorn each table for your guests. This small Moroccan style candle holder is a beauty of the culture itself, hanging proudly from a spiral, curved post. Most noticeable is the intricate detail carved in the Moroccan lantern casing that depicts a work of art. Surrounded by a delicate touch of subtle green windows, a flickering tea candle will make your mind wander to a sweet Saharan night.
    Dust the base with petals of the bride's favorite flower or touch up the curving stem with miniature ivy for a touch of color or place a satin runner underneath and across the table for extra elegance. The lamp is so stunning that even standing alone, your table will capture all eyes as only a Moroccan design can.
    When the evening comes to a close, the lamp will become a souvenir for your guests to remember this gala event for years to come. A piece of the Mediterranean, old world charm and a romantic memory for years to come; what better way to share this moment in time?
    Suzie O'Connor is the owner of website [] which carries a large inventory of Wedding Favor and Party Favors for All Occasions.With the deep, rich colors and unique patterns that it offers for designing, it is not surprising that the popularity of Moroccan home decor is on the rise. This style is inspired from different cultures and blends of African, Persian and Mediterranean decor in a wonderful manner along with subtle influences from the North West regions, which includes Spain, France and Portugal as well. You can find warm and bright colors in this kind of decor that reflects the outdoor culture and surroundings of Morocco with coastal seas, deserts, mountain ranges with a varied landscape.
    In this kind of decor, you can use rich variety of colors ranging from bright orange including different shades of blue and green along with vibrant reds to set the right mood of the theme. Most of the furniture which is used in this style is simple and elegant made using fine wood and wrought iron with fascinating tables, which have intricate designs that are carved on them. Terracotta and mosaic tiles carvings are popularly used in most of the furniture items. You can get a fascinating range of Moroccan items ranging from chests, ceramic vases and pots, which have beautifully handcrafted motifs on them.
    You can also look for upholstery and fabrics with unique texture and captivating designs inspired from traditional art forms while using Moroccan style in your decor. There are plenty of rich colors right from sea green to gold and silver, which are woven with beautiful designs using different fabrics. Add some rich throw pillows and warm area rugs made using natural fibers to add more warmth and comfort to your room. You can get a rich texture of rugs, which has a rich influence of different regions with intricately woven designs and patterns. You can find these rugs in different colors made using different weaving techniques and motifs, which look beautiful and complement your decor.
    Moroccan style table lamp Persian rugs are also quite popular and used in most of these Moroccan inspired interiors and are always in great demand. Hardwood flooring can be a good choice for these kinds of interiors, which can be covered using traditional Moroccan carpets that are available in different hues in vibrant colors. In fact, Moroccans use ceramic tiles for flooring but it is not recommended in regions, which experience more cold weather conditions.
    Lighting is an important aspect of any decor and the Moroccan style is inspired by lamps made using colored glass including carved wood and brass metal. You can use floor lamps or even table lamps to accentuate your living room decor and set the right mood amidst serene surroundings. You can use accessories to create a focal point around your room like mirrors and artwork, which are made using exquisite embellishments in metals. Those who are fond of art and craft work will enjoy decorating their homes using this unique style.
    You can use your own creativity and imagination to enhance your Moroccan decor using exotic candles and scents, diffused lighting and shop for some interesting Moroccan items across different shops to make your decor look more attractive.