Save Money On Moving Furniture

  • As with most things to do with delivery and transport, the key to transporting furniture cheaply is to get as many quotes as you possibly can.دينا نقل عفش شمال الرياض Whether this means using the local phoned directory or other methods like delivery auction websites is dependent on you, but the more quotes you get, the better. First off, if transporting furniture is part of a house move, you'll want to consider the pros and cons of moving it. Remember, rather than transporting furniture, there's always the possibility that you can offer a furniture list to the people buying your home. That way, you'll even make a little money on the deal. This can be particularly useful for first time buyers who may not already have the right kind and size of furniture to fill the house. It's a simple matter of phoning your estate agent, and letting them do the work. If it's just one thing that requires moving, you'll want to think about value involved in transporting furniture singly. A single wardrobe or bed is going to be very expensive to move. Is there any way you can fill up a full load when moving furniture?دينا نقل عفش شمال الرياض If it's a very special or valuable piece of furniture, you're going to need to think about or those with higher levels of insurance as well, which will add a premium to any furniture you're transporting. As mentioned before, getting quotes is the most important way of transporting furniture cheaply. The phone book can be a time consuming way, and will only offer you local companies. Of course you can use websites like Another option to find loads of quotes is to use a delivery auction website, something that's quite new to the UK, but well worth looking at. Try for a good example. There's a lot to take into account when you're moving. Whether you're moving into a new home, office, or just wanting to rearrange a room, there is always a right and a wrong way in which to do things. With furniture in particular, you will be far better off if you have specific guidelines in place to ensure no harm comes to yourself, other people, or other objects. Different items of furniture require different levels of care and moving techniques. Here are some general guidelines to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you when you're moving furniture. Heavy furniture For heavy items such as couches and sofas, you may want to look into buying sliders to place under the legs if you're moving it on a slick surface such as floorboards, linoleum, or tiles. Stay in a low position if you're pushing the furniture and ensure you bend at the knees rather than solely through your back. Staying low as you push will make moving heavier items easier. If particular pieces of furniture can be dismantled, move these first. Transport easier items before heavier or bulky items that may need excess room for transportation. دينا نقل عفش شمال الرياض Clearing the way will make it easier to handle, carry, and ultimately move more cumbersome items. If you can avoid moving a piano yourself, then do. Pianos can be very volatile items to move and are best transported by professionals. Protect your furniture If you think that particular items are at risk of being damaged during the move, wrap them before you transport them. Wooden tables and such may only need plastic sheeting to protect them if they are on the back of a vehicle or if you want to prevent scratching. Glass-top tables take a little more care and you will have to be a little more delicate wrapping them. For a DIY job, you can wrap it in newspaper and bubble wrap consecutively before encasing it in styrofoam and then placing it carefully in a box. For more delicate items, it is advisable to let a professional service move them. Some moving companies offer a single-item service so you can ask them to move a few items for you if you don't need a full moving service. Label any fragile items. Whether you're doing the job yourself or you've hired a professional moving company, make sure you label particularly delicate items and boxes as FRAGILE to keep others in the loop and remind yourself during the move. Chances are you'll lose track of what goes where in the chaos of moving but labelling your boxes will make sure they are treated with care, no matter who is handling them. Keep yourself safe If you're going to be at risk while moving furniture, wear clothing that will protect you. For instance, if it is likely that you might scratch yourself as you move, try to wear longer sleeved shirts and pants where possible. For heavy lifting, you should wear gloves and remember to always lift from the knees. Create a clear and unobstructed path for any furniture that you're moving. Ensure all children and pets are out of harm's way before you start moving and communicate with others who are helping you move. The most important thing when moving is to take your time. دينا نقل عفش شمال الرياض The more you rush through the process, the more likely you are to injure someone, yourself, or damage other objects during the process. If in doubt, let the professionals handle it. Sometimes it's better to spend a little money for extra peace of mind.