Pros and Cons of Owning a French Bulldog

  • Baby french bulldog French bulldogs are increasingly becoming popular among celebrities as well as in the common population. Before you rush in getting yourself one of these Frenchies, what are some of the things you need to know about these breed? What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a French bulldog?


    - These dogs are small and curious dogs making them ideal as house pets. They also adapt well to changes.

    - They are affectionate and lovable dogs that are loyal to their owners and will never miss an opportunity to charm those around them.

    - They are intelligent and easy to train. Their curiosity makes them open to new things and thus they are able to learn relatively fast.

    - They get along well with other animals, some may show aggressive behavior but this can easily be handled through proper training.

    - They do not require a lot of exercise, a short walk in the evening will do.

    - They are low maintenance because of their short-haired coat which only requires brushing every once in a while to keep it in good condition.


    - They are expensive to maintain. Frenchies are expensive to buy especially if you want one that is from a good line. That aside there is also food, and medical expenses.

    - They suffer from some medical conditions which is why you should purchase Frenchies from a good bloodline. These medical conditions will usually cost owners a lot to manage or treat.

    - They are prone to many types of allergies, this means that owners need to be very observant in case of any symptoms.

    - They can be stubborn at times and refuse to comply with commands. This makes it difficult to train some Frenchies.

    - Because of their structure Frenchies will commonly snore while sleeping and at times when awake in addition they may also drool a lot. Some people can't stand this sound and many owners have given up their Frenchies because of these.

    - While Frenchies do not show as many behavior problems as their counterparts the English bulldogs, they also love to chew and may be very destructive. This behavior can easily be controlled with proper training. Some Frenchies also tend to be aggressive towards other dogs and strangers which is undesirable.

    It is important that you carefully weigh your options before you consider purchasing a bulldog. Some of these problems can be avoided if you buy from the right place, that is, find a good breeder who has experience in breeding Frenchies.

    You should preferably get your Frenchie as a puppy and train him yourself in order to get the kind of results you expect. There are many rescue organizations with Frenchies that have been abandoned by their former owners. If you are up to the challenge and do not mind some of the problems such Frenchies are likely to have, you can adopt one.

    It is your choice to make on whether the pros have it or the cons have convinced you otherwise.

    Baby french bulldog Have those large and dramatic eyes gotten your heart all aflutter? Perhaps it was the slightly mischievous, "more animated than a cartoon character" demeanor that caught your attention. Whatever it is about the French Bulldog that causes you to swoon, you'd hardly be alone. One of the most popular breeds in the United States, your "Frenchie" has been winning people the world over for the last 100 years. Before you bring one into your home and promise to care for him for the entirety of his life, which you should anticipate being about 10-12 years, you will want to know some basic things about your beloved French Bulldog. The French Bulldog's personality, albeit funny and sweet is willful. As such, training your French Bulldog is going to be a challenge. But train him you must, lest you want him to think he is the Prince of the house. Princes have an uncanny way of being spoiled, out of control, a tendency toward inappropriate elimination and think they're in charge. Indeed those are traits that can describe any celebrity or member of royalty, imagine how they'll manifest themselves in a dog! Unwanted behavior in dogs that training will mitigate: Bored barking - barking than for no other reason than to hear himself talk. Some do this because they've not exercised and there's no better place for this pent up energy to go. Snapping at you if you don't pet him when HE wants or if you start vacuuming - both are signs that he feels that he's running the show. The reality is that you are the boss of him not the other way around. Barking at your guests - This is a huge no no! You decide who can enter your home, not your dog. Jumping on you or your friends - Although you think this is cute and a sign that he loves you, it is yet another sign that he is dominating you. It is never appropriate for your dogs to jump on you. If you are playing and he jumps toward you to catch a ball, this is of course different. Snapping at you because you moved his food dish or attempted to take something he shouldn't be eating. Baby french bulldog For many breeds, training can be as simple as a few lessons, both on and off leash, with or without treats (depending upon the method) and each new thing introduced can take a few times for them to sink in. Indeed all dogs need refreshers and the most trained can get distracted if they're in that zone - which can happen say to a hunting dog who sees a rabbit, a mongoose, etc. Instinct trumps training. For a variety of reasons, most of them to do with selective breeding for specific traits, Frenchies are notoriously difficult to train. When introducing a new lesson, it's important to be consistent, don't give up and if you need to, use treats to reinforce your needs. Never punish any dog but in particular a Frenchie. For all his willfulness, he's extremely sensitive. Always praise when he "gets it" and reinforce when he doesn't. Use a high-pitched voice to show pleasure and a cool, calm and collected stern voice - as deep as you can muster - when he's being willful. It will take longer to train your Frenchie than it does nearly all other breeds, but there will be a break through and both he and you will be infinitely happier once he's trained.

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