The Purpose of a Letter of Recommendation

  • The Purpose of a Letter of Recommendation

    A letter of recommendation is an official letter from one individual or institution to another requesting that particular individual or institution accept credit, hire or recommend the candidate. The purpose of such a letter is not only to express one's esteem for a person or an entity, but to also express one's commitment to that particular job. There are various ways in which one can write a good letter of recommendation. One can use it personally, via email or it can be collected by a recruiter or college or university. Some letters of recommendation are quite short, while some can stretch to pages.


    Generally, a letter of recommendation lor service is required when applying for a job in an academic or non-academic organization. For example, if an applicant wants to apply for a postgraduate position in a professorship, he or she should write a recommendation letter to indicate that the candidate is eligible and well-suited for the post. It usually contains the following components: the personal qualifications (education, training, expertise, work experience, etc. ), the career goals (graduate degree, research position, teaching opportunities, advancement), the statements outlining the applicant's commitment to the field and the statement that the applicant is willing to work in difficult situations.


    It is also important to remember that these letters are to be submitted to the right person, i.e., the one who is responsible for accepting or rejecting an application. So, it is recommended that one submits his or her recommendation letters to the human resources department instead of to the hiring committee. Keep in mind that the best recommendations do not necessarily lead to an interview. They might just make the difference between being accepted and being denied of a place or being given a negative response when applying for jobs in different fields.