What is kt board made of and Uses?

  • KT board
    The main component is: polystyrene

    KT board core colors commonly used are white and black, there are also full-color KT board, such as: red, blue, yellow, green and many other colors .

    KT board from the more mature production process can be divided into cold composite and hot composite, these two different processes to produce products we correspondingly called cold board (cold composite board) and hot board (hot composite board).



    In addition to cold laminate and hot laminate, KT board can also be divided into: screen printing KT board, laminated KT board, paper KT board, high density KT board, color KT board, export grade KT board, adhesive backed KT board, etc.

    Silk-screen KT board: belongs to the thermal composite board. The process requires a smooth surface, the face skin PS film as long as it requires more than 4c, and the laminated film must pass the screen printing ink test before use. Not suitable for framing, framing the same thick will be blistered for a short time.

    Framed KT board: also belongs to the hot composite board, mainly to solve the case of hot board PS film thin thickening laminating film to 6c or more, suitable for short and medium-term quality requirements of high advertising production, the same will also blister, only blistering time than ordinary board will be longer.

    Paper KT board: belongs to the cold composite board, according to the different cardboard also has a different naming, depending on the different manufacturers call, there is no uniform name on the market. Commonly used face of the paper are: white surface gray low cardboard, pure white cardboard, black different grams of paper and cardboard, colored paper, etc.

    KT board

    High density KT board: a hardness can reach the same hardness as wood plywood, but the thickness can only be up to 5mm. mainly used for export-grade writing board, as well as some foam board toys.

    Color KT board: Generally speaking, the color KT board in the domestic market is colored on the face, and the core is always white. There are also colored KT boards with the same color core and face for export. Colored surface can be PS film, but also can be colored paper surface.

    Export-grade KT board: The quality of this board is generally much better than the domestic KT board, most of which are paper-faced KT boards. Usually the specifications are: A1, A2, A3, A4 and other small specifications.

    Foreign generally used for poster board, writing board, promotional advertising display board, etc. The biggest feature: no blistering and deformation is allowed.

    Backing KT board: KT board itself single-sided or double-sided backing. All KT boards can be made into adhesive backed boards.



    Mainly used in advertising industry, signage industry, as well as in the construction and decoration industry, cultural arts and packaging industry, printing industry, DIY production (especially model production) and cosplay props are widely used

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