Complete Door Supervisor course to get your SIA Door supervisor

  • The door supervisor course is the first step into the private security industry in UK, if you want to become a door supervisor. The career of a door supervisor is quite reward and exciting as well. However many don’t think about making a career here, as they think that this career only accommodates the people from the military background. Well, it is not the true present scenario though. Anybody who is fit enough can be perfect for the job of a door supervisor irrespective of prior military experience. But, of course they will need to get a proper training in order to understand the different aspects of their roles and responsibilities. The security industry authority has developed the door supervisor course in order to give the required training to the door supervisors.

    The importance of the door supervisor course

    To excel in any career, you must have a basic idea about what job is waiting for you before you dive in. The door supervisor training precisely gives you that idea. The course is designed in such a way, that it will teach you all the basics about the door supervising and, about the modern practices and techniques of the private security industry. Once you go through the course you will have all you need to equip yourself for the work in hand. Being a door supervisor means, you will be in charge of the security of the entry way of the premises you will supposed work in. You will have a very important role to play in the entire security system of your employer’s establishment. Though being a door supervisor doesn’t demand for any conventional educational qualification, you must have a basic idea about the roles you will play. Without the knowledge about your supposed responsibilities it will often be difficult for you to act upon positively in any given situations. To avoid those kind of crisis SIA have designed the door supervisor course. The sole aim of the course is to provide the candidates a solid grounding about their expected roles before they start their venture in the industry. However, the course is fairly simple, and the expert instructors at your security training institute will provide you with the best possible guidance to make your course smooth and hassle free.

    Who can take the door supervisor course?

    Actually anybody who is more than 18 years of age, and has the right to work in UK can take the course. A criminal background check of the candidate will also be undertaken. If you satisfy all these requirements you can take the course and become a door supervisor in the private security industry of UK. Recently SIA has added one more pre-requisite for attending the course. You must have a level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work permit in order to get the door supervisor license.

    The roles and responsibilities of a door supervisor

    Let us get an idea about what are the roles and responsibilities of a door supervisor training. In addition to responsibilities like watching over entrances in accordance with the entry policy of the establishments one of their biggest role is to identify, assess and diffuse the security threats and conflicts that can spiral out of hand. They are expected to be the primary source of response and intervention (both verbal and physical) in case any incident happens. Above all, if needed they will be the one expected to provide first aid to the persons in need in case of any emergency.


    The Importance of the Emergency first Aid at Work Permit for the door supervisor training

    Usually first aider are not needed in the crew as a regular staffs every day as the workplaces always don’t see accident. That is why for the facilities it is not profitable employ a permanent and dedicated first aiders. But as they need a first aider in the premises round the clock irrespective of need, they usually rely on the security staffs for this purpose. That is why the Security Industry Authority has made it mandatory for the candidate door supervisors to have an Emergency First Aid at Work license. These means when it is required the door supervisors can double their role up as first aider. Thanks to this decision the companies don’t need hire a dedicated first aider anymore. And this enables them to keep their facilities prepared to deal with medical emergencies without compromising their finances.

    The Job opportunities after completing the door supervisor course

    Once you complete the door supervisor course, you will be eligible for the SIA door supervisor license. You can apply for the license through the SIA website. Once you get your license, you will be eligible to work as door supervisor in the licensed premises like bars, restaurants, event venues, hospitals etc. There is a high demand for licensed door supervisor training in the private security industry of UK. As new establishments are coming into being each day, the demand for the security staffs is increasing in order to protect those establishments. Hence, this is a booming industry, and you will have a great amount of job opportunity here. The job is fairly rewarding as well. National average salary of a SIA licensed door supervisor is 23,488 GBP per annum.

    So what are you waiting for? Many security training institutes including the 1A4S Security are providing the door supervisor course to the trainees. Enroll today and take one more step towards an exciting career in the private security industry.