The sun's rays, has been the bane of the various GPS display.

  • The sun's rays, has been the bane of the various GPS display. GPS products for the wholesale Custom Handheld Garment Steamers sun is strong environment, seriously affect the navigation display for the LCD screen is a cup. Either I travel professional-grade GPS Challenger 600, three inches and a half anti-transflective LCD touch screen, light is a part of through the screen is reflected in the hot sun to see clearly.Whether or outdoor use, the GPS performance of a benchmark is its sensitivity, stability and accuracy, if traveling by car navigation deviate from the direction can also detour re-navigation in the mountain forests which, if the navigation errors, and that the consequences of disastrous, either I swim Challenger 600 handheld navigator, the MiniSun3.0 platform allows you ease of use, faster search star speed, faster navigation, a more accurate route planning allows you to calmly face the complex, steep mountains and peaks.Hiking, outdoor sports in a more physical exertion project, we would usually make a plan to complete the trip in advance, a good plan should enable us to arrive before physically exhausted. If you want to do this, you must be a correct anticipation of the difficulty of the route.
    This time with a topography map GPS can come in handy any time I travel Challenger 600 handheld navigator with altimeter and barometer, the understanding of the mountains and altitude, you can know about the need in these sections spend much time and energy. Ordinary GPS map, you can not meet this demand. So we buy the best with the contour lines and other professional-grade GPS topographic data map, and make you do the outdoor journey under control.Today, we summarize the five-point coup, just choose the basis of handheld GPS products. Purchasing products may decide to purchase products for their own needs. Outdoor sports make our life more colorful, excellent products also hope to provide security protection for everyone. The city traffic the hands of the riders, the navigator does not seem likely to cause the car the faster the more familiar, but on the road, so tickets to the biggest upset in this population. Electronic dog as the most professional speed measurement device is a favorite of such riders can be a real time early warning fixed or mobile guns, and can avoid expensive speeding tickets, and very practical.Constant as the well-known brands of domestic electronic dog, velocimetry avoid unilateral very professional.
    In constant electronic dog is the most advanced wide-band two-way flow velocimetry, covering the latest international police band: frequency of X-, K-band, Ku frequency, the new K band, Ka frequency, LASER (Laser), P frequency K and car dvr camera Ka to strengthen the band, eyes frequency card, 6F, Russia sparks, etc., to achieve positive 2000M and reverse 800M long distance, and came out on top in the timeliness and accuracy!In constant electronic dog has a high-definition LED display, the orientation directions of the eight direction digital electronic compass to display the distance traveled, average speed, maximum speed, easy to identify the location. Also has a stunning light shade free to adjust the self-adjust the screen brightness according to the different environments and needs, to ensure the most comfortable luminosity, to obtain a clearer display information at the same time to avoid harm to the driver's eyes.