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The time that you will need to pursue using these remedies base

  •   Iron is very important for growth and development of human body. It plays an important role in production of RBCs and hemoglobin. The main function of hemoglobin is to transfer the oxygen to the tissues of the body from the lungs. Hemoglobin plays an important role in leading a healthy life. Therefore, it becomes necessary to maintain hemoglobin levels in our blood. Decreasing level of hemoglobin in our body can cause breathing problems, weakness, headache, pale skin, brittle nails, fatigue, etc., if the hemoglobin level decreases crucially then the condition may be recognized as anemia.There are many natural ways which help in reinstating hemoglobin to a normal level that depends upon the cause behind the drop in hemoglobin.

    The time that you will need to pursue using these remedies based on your level of hemoglobin.Eating food rich in iron: The most common reason China window vacuum cleaner Manufacturers behind the decrease level of hemoglobin is iron deficiency as it is an important element in the production of hemoglobin. Take food rich in iron like almonds, dates, lentils, cereals, red meat, liver, etc.Apples: We can maintain our hemoglobin level by eating an apple a day as it is rich in iron. It also helps in other health related problems.1. Eat at least one apple a day with its skin.2. Take half a cup each of beetroot and apple juice and mix them. Add some ginger to this and drink it twice.Beetroots: In case of increasing hemoglobin level beetroot is highly suggested as it contains folic acid, iron as well as potassium and fiber in large amount.1. You can simply make juice of one medium-sized beetroot, 3 carrots and half of a sweet potato. Drink it regularly.2. Take 1 or 2 beetroots along with their peels and cook them in a microwave. Peel them before eating.Increase vitamin C intake: Vitamin C helps our body to absorb iron from the food.

    Therefore, we should eat more foods rich in vitamin C.1. Simply taking foods like lemon, papaya, oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, etc.2. Taking vitamin C supplements after consulting with your doctor can be very helpful.Taking folic acid: Deficiency of folic acid automatically leads to a low level of hemoglobin as it is highly required to make red blood cells.1. Taking food which is good sources of folic acid like rice, banana, dried beans, green leafy vegetables, peanuts, etc.2. Taking foliate supplement after consulting with doctor.Herboglobin capsules: These are the herbal pills that contain herbs and natural ingredients that are safe to use. This is one of the natural ways to enhance hemoglobin count and increase iron in blood. A healthy diet is always required to healthy iron and hemoglobin level in body. You can also take these pills on regular basis to get desired results.These are some home remedies that help maintain normal hemoglobin level in body. Hope you find this guide useful and informative.